Assassins Creed 3 Information Rundown «

New information about Assassin’s Creed 3 has been trickling out. We’ve taken all the details and put them into bite sized bullets for you to digest.

■The game spans 30 years from 1753 to 1783.
■Conner joins the assassin’s order to seek justice for the destruction of his village.
■Boston, New York, and “The Frontier” have been confirmed. There is also speculation that there will key events where Conner will visit Philadelphia.
■The Frontier is 1.5x larger than Rome in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and will have natural obstacles that will have Conner stumble through if not careful enough.
■Anvil NEXT includes new weather system, improved facial and cloth animations.
■Conner can hunt fur and depending on how you kill them, the fur’s value will increase or depreciate.
■Up to 2,000 NPCs can be shown in the game simultaneously allowing the developers to let Conner get knee deep into key events and battles during the American Revolution.
■Conner can carry a mini pistol, bow and area, tomahawk, and hidden blade.
■The chain-blade debuts as an all new weapon in Conner’s arsenal
■Conner can dual wield all the time with different weapons, unless you are holding a 2 handed weapon.
■The animus will be less empty. There will be small obstacles , such as ledges,to play with while the game is loading.
■Conner can not only climb trees, but can also climb ledges and cliffs. The developers have tried to match the animations to real life rock climbers. He can also move through and under obstacles.
■NPC animations in the cities are varied and will give a unique feel. For example: Woman dropping crate of apples and Thief steals one of them.
■Eagle Vision has been slightly revamped such as targets will have a slight glow around them.
■Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Charles Lee are a few historical characters that will be in AC 3.


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