Cheating MW3 will be temporary banned 5000 day «

Want to get banned from Modern Warfare 3 for the next 13 years? All you need to do is skirt the rules of the game by hacking, power leveling or performing some other stupid task, then get caught. Infinity Ward is issuing permanent bans to players caught breaking the rules, although the bans may not be as permanent as one might think.

While the message players receive indicates that the suspension is only temporary, the timeframe is pretty amazing – 5,000 days. That means, assuming the suspension isn’t extended, your account won’t come back online until 2024. By then, we’ll be up to ModernWarfare 25.
If you receive this message, it means you’re banned, not suspended. Apparently, Infinity Ward doesn’t have a mechanism in place for applying permanent bans, so they’ve gone with the next best thing – suspending your account until the game has long been made irrelevant.
Robert Bowling, creative strategist for the Modern Warfare brand, confirmed that if you see this message, you did something very, very stupid. So play by the rules, and avoid the perma-ban!


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