Could ‘Soul Sacrifice’ Be The PS Vita’s First Multiplayer Action Game? «

I was playing on my PS Vita last night and realized that, for a system that was supposed to unite me with other gamers, I have surprisingly few interactions with other owners in my surrounding area. Perhaps it is due to my selection of games (most have multiplayer elements, but certainly do not depend on them to play), but I am actually yearning to test out the connectivity of the Vita with other players. In Japan, a newly announced game for the PS Vita might just be the game to get me to emerge from my cave of single player gaming.

The game, titled Soul Sacrifice, is rather scarce on details (it advertisement has stated that it is an “…action game that will shake your soul”), but one translation was particularly intriguing to me. On a page that showed several warriors fighting some sort of 3-headed wolf monster was the following tagline: “It’s about fighting, shoulder to shoulder”. Could this be a possible hint that the game will feature multiplayer elements or perhaps just that you will be playing with other characters in a single player game? Since there is no definitive details, I suppose we will all have to speculate for now.

Single or Multi-player though, fighting a 3-headed wolf monster DOES look pretty awesome…


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