Crysis 3: Detail Of Skyrim (Without The Overwhelming Scale) «

The first thing most people comment about when discussing their initial thoughts on the Crysis series is the sheer beauty of the game. The lush jungles and city-scapes are truly breath taking and make the series one of the best looking games that money can buy on any console (and even more-so on the right computer). While it might be easy to rest on their laurels, Crytek is looking to make the stunning visuals even better for Crysis 3.

Taking a page from Bethesda, Crytek is looking to take some of the stronger elements from the Skyrim while maintaining the focus of their game. According to Crytek’s Rasmus Hojengaard, the greater emphasis is on wowing the player with the games “micro-details”: “In Crysis 3, we want scale, but we don’t want the immense scale that Skyrim has. What we then add is detail within that scale that we decide, so that we get this richness in the environment that we want…Stuff like this is what’s gonna make people go, ‘Holy crap, this is a rich environment.’ That is our goal.”

More detail and focus to attention to a series that is already one of the best at doing just that? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I cannot wait to see how great the new game looks…Bow and Arrowing has never looked more beautiful.


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