Final Fantasy XIII «

Platform: PS 3, Xbox 360

Genre: Role-Playing Game

Publisher: Square-Enix

When the dream is not enough to get …
Review: Final Fantasy XIII
The Square Enix brings in his thirteenth chapter of fantasy with the new FinalFantasy saga that has made ​​history and now arrives on the console of the next-gen. After criticism and bad votes, the game finally arrives on our shelves, ready to go as food to thousands fans, will live up to their predecessors, or saga has really lost the magic that characterized it since the first chapter? Come and see us in our review succulent!


In the ramshackle and futuristic city of Cocoon, is about to wear a real tragedy: the Sanctum (Government tyrant of the game), having held that the city had been in contact with fal’Cie enemy decides purging, ie the extermination of all the inhabitants of Cocoon so that they can not become followers of the fal’Cie. In this regard, the legend says that fal’Cie, millennial scale, to choose between the followers of the population tatuandoli with their arms and giving him a mission difficult to understand (the only clues that are provided are a sequence of blurred image in the minds of person chosen) that if understood and completed the follower turns into a crystal giving him eternal life, but if the mission is failed beyond repair the fate of the follower is to turn into a Cie’th(a sort of zombie orders of Fal ’Cie.)
Purged of the train is blocked by a girl, Lighting, which wants to destroy the fal’Cie arrived in the city and save his sister Serah. For help, reluctantly, in his mission will Sazh, sympathetic African who was carrying a baby Chocobo. The two manage to give a hard time at the Sanctum and save several lives by ’Purge,including 2 children who will run away with the other purged from the opposite side of the city.

Having introduced Lighting and Sazh, the game changes before introducing another character in the saga, Snow, hero and leader of the revolutionaries whosee fighting with his allies to defend what little remains from the Sanctum of the city and its inhabitants. In the battle are all possible aid, so Snow invites to fightsome civilians, leading to death a woman who seemed very attached to our hero.
Meanwhile, the scene of her death, is observed from a distance away from the 2guys made ​​earlier by Lighting and Sazh, Hope, the name of one of the 2 children,in the confusion of the battle cries for the death of his mother and Vanille girl that you will love the first moment, will be ready to give her support. Snow returned to the Rebel base, meets Hope and Vanille, and early in the game, you realize that Hope seems to be very tied to Snow but has no time to talk and share with a bikewheel towards the floating fortress of Fal ’Cie to free the woman he loves. At the same time, Sazh and Lighting cold reach the fortress and make their way among the various Ghoul guards that protect the fal’Cie.

Hope and Vanille, after stealing a bike wheel from the base of the rebels will crash within the fortress of fal’Cie and also begin their journey to the center of the fortress, intimidated by the legend that is passed down for centuries.
Finally, the various characters you meet and are the first links: Lighting is coming to the castle to find her sister Serah, now transformed by The fal’Cie into L’Cie (one of the followers with tattoo), but Snow is the fortress to find the woman he loves and that is the same Serah. Hope strengthens its relationship with Snow leaked doing something meaningful about their relationship, but still nothing concrete,while Sazh and Vanille seem to be the usual characters who found themselves in the wrong place at wrong time
Together we hiked into the fortress until you find Serah, lying on the ground and exhausted that she uses her last energy to save Cocoon making it a crystal.Apparently, the mission was to save Cocoon. But notes that become a Ghoul or turn into a crystal forever, are by no means excellent prospects for life.Taken from anger,Lighting and Snow throw themselves on fal’Cie cified annihilated and a collapse of the fortress in the huge lake below the town, as if by magic, it freezes becoming a huge expanse of ice.

When they wake up, our heroes discover that they have become of the L’Cie and have all had the same mission, ie to destroy a mysterious entity called Ragnarok.After several clashes with members of the Sanctum in search of survivors purge,Snow is detached from the group to try to free the crystal Serah, trapped in the ice,but just being alone makes him an easy target to the soldiers of the Sanctum, do not miss this wonderful opportunity by becoming the exhausting and trying to capture him, but the new powers of L’Cie Snow, evoke 2 iced women after having destroyed the soldiers challenged Snow to fight to establish his dominion over them. Even if the guy manages to emerge victorious, a strange woman’s Santcum L’Cie handing definitely captures him.

Frequent quarrels between Lighting and Sazh, lead the group to separate definitively, Vanille and Sazh that remain out of place in this unique landscape and Lighting, who decides to attack the fal’Cie’s Sanctum (Eden), trailing Hope.
This is, roughly, the view of a title that plunges us into this new adventure with a story full of surprises but often not explained properly, leaving the player to get questions like ”What have triggered all this war?

The title has managed to squeeze the potential of next-generation consoles: the construction of the characters, the facial expression, the effects of light, settings,everything is built in a spectacular way, shame about the visual beauty, while offering more and different enemies and well characterized, the terms after only 10 hours of play.

Even making the most of console graphics engines, some textures are blurry andoften lead to some delays. Fantastic landscapes, always different, which give the player a sense of absolute freedom … unfortunately turned off by the linearity of thetotal game. Small imperfections graphics are justified by the amount that the title suggests, in fact, FFXIII on Xbox 360 is composed of as many as 3 DVDs.
The graphics are small flaws completely forget every time you will be amazedwatching movies in Computer Graphics, as always, fail to give thrills and atmosphere almost poetic.
The sound department of this Final Fantasy is more than ever evocative and tuneful, accompanying each action with appropriate sound effects and melodiesthat make the title even more exciting for the gamer. Particular attention must be one of the songs from Leona Lewis, whose ”My Hands” adorns one of the most beautiful sequences in computerized graphics of the game.
The interpretation and immerse themselves in the characters from the dubbing is complete, giving a unique atmosphere.

The linearity of Final Fantasy XIII takes title to the thrill of exploration and a sense of the other RPG games in the series giving away the game is entirely based on the fighting, you have to follow the storyline without the possibility of alternative or mini-game (as was the Blitzball in FFX for example), there will be cities to explore,quests to complete it, forget the countless secrets and unlockables for old titles, this final fantasy unfolds on the main plot, moving on various maps without secret areas by get (you do not even have a World Map to choose your destination), the usual Omega Weapon can be unlocked in the appropriate sub-missions that are unlocked at the end of the adventure, where you’ll just have to fight against various enemies, unfortunately requirements 200 avoid the kind of lightning in the Thunder Plains, take all the butterflies, Blitzball win the championship to unlock the upgrades of the Omega Weapon, were abandoned in favor of a more simplistic system based solely on the clashes and battles with enemies.

Wanting to make a comparison video play, in a nutshell, this Final Fantasy seems to be a bit ’the same thing that Gran Turismo Gran Turismo Prologue for real, ie a game with all the potential of a full title … but that is not been able to exploit fully.
The battles, however, since the main focus of the title, have been optimized by creating a combat system up to expectations:
In the title we can drive a single character at a time, and will decide on the game.The enemies will be visible to the player will have a sort of radar, each of different capacity, you can then sneak over the enemy unmolested, to take him back so you can make a primitive strike in combat, or just collide with the enemy. To starta fight you need to collide with an enemy.
In the fighting there will be a bar, each divided into 3 sections to which you can tiea different or the same type of attack (whether it is a technique, a simple spell oran attack), fans of the saga, say goodbye to the MP, there it will be magic points to recharge this bar but only by 3 compartments that will embody your attacks, butlet’s take a practical example:

Let’s say you wanted to use Energiga to heal from the cost of 2 points, 2 compartments of the bar busy and then you will occupy the third compartment with a skill that costs one point, or want to make a basic attack from the cost of 1, you can make up of 3 totally filling the bar. Once used the attacks, the bar will fill up by itself in seconds and is ready to be used again. Options to use in battle no longer work not one character, but on the whole team consists of up to 3 characters. Eventhe enemies will have a bar, called Bar Crisis, which once filled (by dint of repeated attacks on one enemy) will send the opponent in Crisis, in fact, discovering all its weakness, stunning him and making him lower the defense.

Now that we know it’s time to go fight the optimum system, which is a simple and practical system in which you can assign roles to the characters, also, we can also choose to customize these roles in order to create training that is right ours. The importance of the Optimum is critical, because a good education can often change the outcome of a battle, and since the monsters often will change tactics depending on remaining HP, the change of training (which you can do at any timeof the confrontation) will put the player in the role of strategist.

You loved the Sphere grid? The simple and practical system of reinforcement present in Final Fantasy X? Very well, because this thirteenth chapter presents the Cristallium, a system identical in all respects to the Sphere grid where, thanks to the points obtained from the monsters defeated in battle, you can choose to activate the various spheres of the character present in the crystal, thus going to enhance skills, strength, HP, etc. that each role can have.

Finally there will be the Eidolons (Summons) which will be won:
In certain moments in history, your characters will be helped by the evocations that,after eliminating the enemies, will clash with the hero to whom they belong. The invocation will launch Judgment upon you and gives us a certain amount of time to prove to be worthy of her evocation of filling the tecnical bar in various ways ie, by attacking and fill the bar Crisis, opposite to the type of casting spells’ evocation, for example Fire on Shiva, or even know how to defend from attack at the right time will demonstrate to the evocation of evocation to be worthy of her.

When you defeat enemies, as well as experience points and items, including materials that can be used with various save points scattered throughout the adventure, to upgrade weapons and accessories: Each weapon or accessory will in fact exceed a threshold of points to level up, and all materials will be worth a bunch of different places, sacrificing the material can increase the points of the weapon or accessory, it climb up to the next level or you can bind to ’weapon or accessory that will give the object of special materials such elementary powers.

I conclude in saying that this title has led the battle system to a new level,interactive and simplifying it at the same time. The gameplay of the game could be phenomenal … too bad they decided to create a real ”monster” of linearity,ruining the beauty and thrill of exploration and eliminating thousands of submissions and secondary objectives that have always characterized the saga, or better , the RPG themselves.
Final Fantasy Rating?
Sound: 9.4 – The English voice actors have fallen by brush in the parts of characters by showing an excellent interpretative power, plus the song “MyHands” by Leona Lewis gives great depth to the title along with evocative melodies and harmony characteristic of the saga.

Graphics: 9.1-One of the best graphics seen on next-gen consoles, where small uncertainties are cleared by the wonderful texture of movies in computer graphics and stunning scenery.

Gameplay: 7.9 – A sublime and engaging combat system, which takes the player to customize their team as a true strategy game without spoiling the style of the RPG … shame that we lost the true and proper meaning of the RPG on the exploration front, the sub-quests, hidden targets, etc.. in favor of a linear plotbased on the fighting.

Durability: 7.3-One of the Final Fantasy saga shorter, playing only the plot (and the game is almost more than 85% plot) the terminerete in 10 hours, given the upcoming DLC, hopefully manage to take several more hours of play.

Final Rating: 8.4


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