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When you’re playing Guitar Hero and are absorbed in every riff and key change, the last thing you want is for the music to stop too soon. But in Guitar Hero III mobile, every set ends early due to hardware limitations. This abrupt conclusion often comes right when an eagerly anticipated solo is about to begin, so despite having a great soundtrack, Guitar Hero III mobile misses some pretty major notes.

Guitar Hero III contains plenty of licensed music — with 15 excellent tracks available initially and three new songs promised for free download every month — but none of the songs play all the way to the end. Every one of them fades out at the 2-minute mark, regardless if that’s actually a good time to end the song. It often feels like the band walks off, the amps are unplugged, and the house lights go up before you’re done.

Tapping out beats on the keypad feels nothing like playing a real guitar — or even the console versions of Guitar Hero. A cramped control layout means that even with just three fret buttons, it’s easy to hurt your hands while trying to keep the music going. And due to memory constraints, you can only hold two songs in your phone at a time, which requires you to download a new song each time you want to switch one of them out. If you’re looking for a quick fix in your spare time, this can become a real roadblock.

Even though you spend as much time waiting for a song to load as you do playing it, the sound quality is very good for a mobile game. There simply isn’t any other mobile game with this variety and quality of music, which only adds to the frustration over the songs ending prematurely. As a literal interpretation of the Guitar Hero formula, there was apparently no room to alter the game to emphasize the strengths of the mobile platform.

Maybe this game should have tried taking more risks. Despite an attempt to copy the series’ success on other platforms, technical limitations suggest that Guitar Hero III is ill-suited for the mobile platform. This game could be a major disappointment for fans of the series — they would be better off checking out other music games instead. Even with a good set of songs, Guitar Hero III mobile doesn’t give a very impressive performance.


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