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Plenty of things are ruined by lasting longer than they should or by existing in quantities far greater than any human needs. Whether it’s a movie quickly going from excellent to boring because it drags on... Full story »

Share it:Tweet Away: Shuffle Dungeon might be the most taxing game I’ve ever played. The exhaustion isn’t a matter of reflexes, however; like most top-down action-role-playing games, it doesn’t... Full story »

On the surface, Luminous Arc 2 is standard Japanese strategy-role-playing fare: Astonishingly earnest young swordsman Roland somehow finds himself surrounded by a bevy of witch babes of varying buxomosity and ends... Full story »

At first glance, Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ looks like an awesome freak accident involving Ikari Warriors and Capcom’s Darkstalkers. Upon closer inspection, though, it’s just not as enjoyable... Full story »

Feel free to boo the Wii version of Ultimate Band offstage before sound check, but stick around for the DS edition’s encore. Unlike the console gestural flop, the DS edition has no problem providing a tactile,... Full story »

The Harvest Moon series is famous for its blend of farming, small-town life, and courtship, but the Rune Factory spin-offs merge the core concept with traditional Japanese action-adventure elements. Rune Factory... Full story »

Toward the end of high school, my friend proposed a temporary trade: his copy of Final Fantasy VI (well, III at the time) for my copy of Chrono Trigger — one of Square’s most beloved RPGs, a 1995 all-star... Full story »

After seven years and five games, we haven’t heard much from Ace Attorney lately. The series that helped introduce Americans to visual novels hasn’t seen an English release since 2010’s Miles Edgeworth,... Full story »

espite my fondness for Pokémon, I never got the chance to play much of the original Pokémon Ranger, so I was interested to see how this side series compared to the main games (Diamond & Pearl being the most... Full story »

Those of you familiar with the Age of Empires series on PC but unfamiliar with the DS conversion need to know that Age of Empires: Mythologies is not, I repeat, not a strategy game, real-time or otherwise. It’s... Full story »

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