Videogames based on Disney movies are designed to launch right around the same time as the film, distract the kids for a week or two, and then get shelved. They might be pulled down again for another go when the... Full story »

The side-scrolling beat-em-up is such an old formula that game designers hardly use it any more, but now I realize that we are totally missing out. The GBA version of TMNT is definitely the best version, beating... Full story »

Say what you want about licensed games — it won’t be anything I haven’t said before — but the fact is, if it weren’t for them, aging systems like the GBA would probably already be out... Full story »

When those who aren’t familiar with video games ask me how the interactive medium can compete with the greatest works of the literary world or the sensory allure of the big screen, I am always left with a... Full story »

There are four different games based on the Eragon movie that’s coming out in the middle of December, all of which offer a different gaming experience. For fans of third-person action/adventure games, you’ve... Full story »

Final Fantasy V Advance will seem instantly familiar to you if you’ve put in time with Final Fantasy XI or XII, and those familiar points are the best and worst parts of this excellent title. As a party of... Full story »

Super Robot Taisen is a series that, despite having been Japan-only for most of its life, has gained a very devout fan following internationally. I gave the first Original Generation a whirl to see what all the... Full story »

Note: When we initially ran this article, Gabe was operating under the mistaken impression that the game was based on the GameGear version of Sonic the Hedgehog. After a little research, we discovered this wasn’t... Full story »

Completely original games on portable systems are truly rare. Most of the time a company will either adapt an existing series or character to a less powerful, more portable format, or just forego the effort and... Full story »

Whenever an anime series becomes a long-running hit in Japan, you’ll see game companies eager to hop on the money train by putting out a plethora of licensed games. And with anime’s popularity at an... Full story »

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