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In the March issue of PSM3 UK an insert devoted entirely to the next Sony console confirms that PS4 will be presented at E3 2012, citing an unnamed source very reliable. The first ”confirmation” of the possible... Full story »

Want to get banned from Modern Warfare 3 for the next 13 years? All you need to do is skirt the rules of the game by hacking, power leveling or performing some other stupid task, then get caught. Infinity Ward is... Full story »

Before Homefront, a FPS game of THQ released the company have hired an organizer company to promote the game in “Game deloper Conference ” on past March. Which the organizer company ” Trash Talk FCM” promoted... Full story »

Let’s face it: many of us are now resigned to hope to get information about news on the development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, for too long out of ads and previews of the press because of an almost total silence... Full story »

According a fan on GTA forums, it seems that we might be getting more info on Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto game in the next month. The user reports he emailed Rockstar in regards to the game and surprisingly... Full story »

It’s been a while since Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow came out on the PSP/PS2 – 5 years, to be exact. For some people, this was just a distant memory. However, it might not be so for much longer. God of War... Full story »

The new DmC has received plenty of controversial backlash towards Ninja Theory mainly because of the radical shift in the art direction. Still, Ninja Theory isn’t backing away from Dante’s new makeover. They... Full story »

Third party cheat detection systems have existed in many forms throughout the age of online gaming. PunkBuster is one of the most widely known, and has a mixed reception among the community. A junior member of the... Full story »

In just over a week (2 for those of us who aren’t pre-ordering the 3G version) the PS Vita will be released onto the masses…For those who still sort of kicking around the idea of picking one up, Hideo Kojima... Full story »

So, do you consider yourself a big Star Wars fan? Seen all of the movies and have all the collectibles (even the super rare “Telescoping Lightsaber” Darth Vader)? Well, ready your wallets for April 3rd as Microsoft... Full story »

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