You know how you get the portable version of a game from your favorite series, and then you put it in your favorite portable game system, and you start playing it, and you’re all: “Maaaaaaan, this is... Full story »

  OK, so I don’t know why they decided to take an awesome PlayStation 3 game and stick it on the PSP, but — apart from somewhat de-resolution-ified graphics — Valkyria Chronicles II brings back... Full story »

GameSpy’s Take Here’s a rare case: a game that’s more enjoyable in its portable incarnation than on its highfalutin home console. Since Tekken 6 for PSP plays almost identically to the console... Full story »

GameSpy’s Take Let’s be honest with each other: Style matters. No, it’s not the only important thing in a game — gameplay is king, always — but we can’t pretend the look or sound... Full story »

GameSpy’s Take You know how people talk about fancy food like caviar and Brussels sprouts? “Oh, it’s an acquired taste.” That usually means “tastes like crap, but we eat it for other... Full story »

GameSpy’s Take Let me just say it upfront: I’ve never played more than an hour or so of a Jak and Daxter game prior to Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier. I do, however, love action-platformers like Sony’s... Full story »

GameSpy’s Take Gran Turismo for the PSP is at long last liberated from its seeming eternal darkness (the game was formally announced in the first half of this decade), and the overriding criticism thus far... Full story »

The Critics Agree Not surprisingly, the popular drug dealing mechanic made it into the PSP version of Chinatown Wars, with many reviewers agreeing that it was an addictive distraction from the main story: “Now,... Full story »

GameSpy’s Take When I play a racing game, I don’t care about how fast I’m going or what gear I’m in; the only thing that matters is whether or not I’m ahead of the pack. I’m not... Full story »

GameSpy’s Take With its release of Tekken: Dark Resurrection a few years ago, Namco proved capable of creating a PSP fighting game every bit as good as its console counterpart. Now, the company brings its... Full story »

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