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Finally, a cell-phone game that actually lives up to its console counterpart (or in this case, perhaps exceeds it). DRIV3R has plenty of story, action, and missions for a portable game, let alone one on a cell phone.... Full story »

The Prince has returned to his original side scrolling roots in the cell phone adaptation of the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Last year, Prince of Persia for the Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube consoles defined the... Full story »

Who ever thought hunting virtual deer could be so much fun? Deer Hunter by Sorrent reminds me of perhaps the most popular hunting game of the past: Duck Hunt. But unlike the simplicity of Nintendo’s lightgun... Full story »

Baldur’s Gate has long since been an influence on the role playing game genre with its Advanced Dungeons & Dragons based rule set for characters, and combat, as well as dialogue and narrative style. Originally... Full story »

The most successful mobile games tend to be short but sweet exercises in microgaming. Puzzle games and simple, single button tests of coordination show a clear dominance on a platform where gaming is, at the moment,... Full story »

First person shooters require, above all else, a precision interface. The heart of their gameplay is all about putting a crosshair on something quickly and accurately. This is, unsurprisingly, not the sort of thing... Full story »

Beating up police and stealing from a museum doesn’t sound too heroic, but apparently it’s all in the service of saving the world. Heroes — the official mobile game — might be worth playing... Full story »

The Secret Service would tackle you in an instant if you ever tried to punch a politician, but you can safely fight a few of them in Glu Mobile’s latest boxing game, White House Rumble. The game isn’t... Full story »

Gory mobile games are quite rare. Instead of going through the ESRB, mobile games are regulated by the phone companies that carry them. As a result, most mobile developers aim for the equivalent of an E for Everyone... Full story »

For those who desire to shape a metropolis, Megacity Empire: New York is an incredibly solid city-building sim that turns boring bureaucracy like taxes and zoning into something great. It’s hardly unique —... Full story »

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