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  Alan Wake’s labyrinthine plot and teasing dialogue that answered simple questions with even weirder questions tended to do two things: intrigued or outright alienated players. In that regard, let me lay... Full story »

Consider the following scenario from the Game of Thrones RPG: you get tasked with infiltrating a secure location, and beforehand you assemble a proper uniform — gauntlets, boots, cape, and helmet — to... Full story »

Wonderland has always been near and dear to my heart, probably owing in large part to me sharing the same name as the little girl who fell down that rabbit hole oh so very many years ago. But the story of Alice... Full story »

If you don’t know by now, Red Faction: Armageddon boasts destructible environments — one of the strongest elements of the game that makes it, well, fun. Running around in an explosion of rubble and flame... Full story »

Sports video games distinguish themselves from other genres because they borrow rules, people, and locations from the real world. No one expects a person to grow twice their size after eating a mushroom or to have... Full story »

Before I put pen to paper on this review, I contemplated forming my thoughts under the three subheadings, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Lucky for us, a distaste for cliche quickly steered me off... Full story »

REVIEW Review: BloodRayne Betrayal is Bizarro Devil May Cry (XBOX 360, PS3) A tough-but-fair 2D sidescroller from Wayforward ends up being the best Bloodrayne game. By Ryan Winterhalter 09/06/2011 Share it:Tweet... Full story »

There are certain activities in my life that I thought I would never do, let alone embrace — take, for instance, fist pumping. The call of Arsenio’s “whoop, whoop” never made me crank one... Full story »

I honestly have no idea how I got through the first few video games I played during my childhood. I’m not just talking about the NES stuff from the mid-’80s, but games like the Smurfs for the Atari 2600.... Full story »

The Adventures of Tintin: The Game is meant for kids; just make sure those kids are rabble-rousing hellspawn who deserve to be punished in cruel and unusual ways. Of course, this was to be expected — no release... Full story »

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