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For whatever reason, the multiplayer party-game genre is one that is exceptionally easy to mess up. The corpses of poor efforts like Sonic Shuffle, Whacked!, and Pac-Man Fever lie buried and forgotten in the graveyards... Full story »

Eragon should have been a resounding success. Based on the upcoming movie adapted from the fantasy novel by Christopher Paolini, it already had the kind of plot-driven, action-adventure storyline that videogame... Full story »

 you’re a supervillain, please stop reading this now — I don’t want to give you any ideas. For decades, it’s been thought that the only way to bring Superman to his knees was with a healthy... Full story »

Simulation and management-style games are a dime a dozen on PCs (although good ones are typically a little more expensive — there are about a million crappy Something Tycoon games crowding store shelves).... Full story »

It’s been a long, hard road for the Tony Hawk franchise. Year after year, game after game, the series has pushed to outdo itself and stay on top as the king of the half-pipe. Now, seven years and seven games... Full story »

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: You’re a young, hotshot driver whose job it is to build up his street rep by taking down his rivals, impress girls with a pimped-out ride, and avoid the police... Full story »

It used to be that movie-based games would come out about the same time as the films they were based on, sink or swim, and disappear from our minds. For some movies, no games would come out, which, considering how... Full story »

Today’s top spy is tomorrow’s washed-up old fart. Sam Fisher wasn’t a spring chicken to begin with, so he’s definitely getting up there in years. Amazing, then, that the guy can go to work... Full story »

When X-Men Legends was released in 2004, we were shown what a team-based superhero game should be. Armed with all of the powers that they were known for, the X-Men managed to pull off one of the most satisfying... Full story »

The main criticism folks have against videogames is that they do nothing to educate us. Sure, we may shoot a bunch of things, take down some ultimate evil because we’ve been deemed “the chosen one,”... Full story »

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