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Platform: PS 3

Game Description

Heavy Rain is an interactive, single player, action adventure game which just about every decision players make impacts the evolution of a desperate quest to catch a dangerous killer poised to strike again. Featuring a complex as well as dark storyline meant for mature audiences, the game is a PlayStation 3 exclusive featuring a variety of possible endings, state-of-the-art crime scene analysis, replayable chapters, four playable characters and the ability to continue play as remaining characters in the event of your current character’s fatality. Story
How far will you go to save someone you love? In Heavy Rain each player discovers their own answer to this question as they experience a gripping psychological thriller filled with innumerable twists and turns, where choices and actions can and do result in traumatic results. Spanning 4 days of puzzle and suspense, the hunt is on for a murderer known only as the Origami Killer – named after his macabre calling card of leaving behind folded paper designs from crime scenes. Even more chilling is the fiend’s well established pattern of killing his victims 4 days after abducting them. The public is gripped together with fear when the authorities seem helpless to stop the carnage, and another potential victim – Shaun Mars – has gone missing. Now four characters, each following their own leads as well as along with their own motives, must take part in a desperate attempt to prevent the killer from taking yet some other life.

Heavy Rain is a single player, action/adventure game with a particularly powerful emphasis on a player-influenced storyline as a means of facilitating the evolution of action towards one of several possible conclusions. The game features four playable characters: a father, a photographer, a FBI agent with a exclusive skill set and a retired cop turned private detective. Each have different paths, means and motives to ending the reign of terror that the Origami Killer has imposed on their city. As players follow the path laid before their character of choice, they are able to explore, interact with and view their surroundings in a variety of ways using their controller’s left and right sticks. At crucial times players are given a bunch of choices relating to the way to proceed in various situations, with the outcome regarding these choices revealing both positive factors and consequences. Benefits can be important to progressing through the game, while possible consequences can in turn pose a very real danger to characters, including death. But unlike other games, as well as because Heavy Rain features four playable characters that exist independently of each other, nevertheless simultaneously in just the same the story arc, this does not end the game. Players are instead able to play while one of the other available characters, with appropriate changes to possible outcomes due to the absence of the deceased character(s).

Key Game Features

An changing action-adventure thriller by which you shape the story together with every decision you make.
Action built around four playable characters that allows you to continue playing as one of the other characters if your initial character is killed.
Savable chapters that allow you to replay the actions of the past, while maintaining the continuity of the events begun in prior chapters.
Mature content reflecting a realistic world setting that explores powerful themes.
Stunning graphics, animation and technology that support an emotionally driven experience.
Accessible gameplay via intuitive, contextual controls and interface.

Review Game:Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain is as action-adventure one of a kind. it’s not only have the great graphic but the game also make me feel thrills, The gameplay is an interacgame , it’s sound to be and easy game right , but it can make you exciting all the time . In this game there are 4 playable character that will make you excite all along to fight with a serail killer know as Origami killer. There have a several ending in this game depent on what you can accomplish the mission their gave you. Overall i rate this game 9/10 deu to good graphic, good and different storyline that usually seen in any other game, music is incredebly match with the scene and very exciting.


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