I Am Alive «

Platform: Xbox 360(XBLA) , Playstation 3(PSN)

Developer: Ubisoft

Genre: Adventure , Survival

Age : 18+

Release: March 8, 2012

Review:  I Am Alive

Evolution has always been my constant thought, on almost everything I’ve read, seen and played in my life. Without evolution is not going anywhere and even get bored a lot. Thegaming world has experienced and is experiencing a constant evolution but hard to really evolve: on one hand the technologies advance before their eyes, the problem is the gameplay that too often is to like than ”love”. I Am Alive was conceived as a game that may ”love” and left to play within a structure to survival finally thrown on the table some innovation or evolution worthy of the genre. A very mature product from a certain point of view that is also aimed at that niche of players who wanted to get my hands on a more complex product of the current survival horror game out there.


In I Am Alive dress in the clothes of a survivor of a massive catastrophe that has wiped almost all of the human race and most of the modern world. A man like many others whohad dreams, a job and a family, finding it to be. A survivor of a land that has become hostile than ever before and where you need so much strength of mind to keep going bu talso a lot of skill and nerve. There are no monsters to fight, but one must be able to arrange a ruined building or climb over a bunch of men struggling for survival in turn shared. The post apocalyptic vision presented in the game by Ubisoft is the real and dramatic that they do not need no substitute from horror movies to feel the weight of the drama. Among other things, the gameplay of the title is focused on survival to the end of his strength will be seen that a few provisions to restore health and stamina as well as a few will be ammunition for the gun to be installed from the beginning in our equipment.The more careful, they can not see I Am Alive small quotations from Silent Hill (the former) or by post apocalyptic films but the most recent ”quotes” are very limited anddoes not want to be seen as a mere copy. That said, you know for example that one of the most demanding applications in the game will be to help others: it is equivalent to feel better or worse? Better to unlock some goal, but even worse because they donate a bottle of water to the next could be equivalent to certain death. Choosing very brave and that limits the gameplay of a difficulty that seems to have been lost in today’s video games to the detriment of the life that regenerates and other similar amenities.


In I Am Alive is also largely a not insignificant component platform. Wander among th edevastated world map is not easy and often we will be asked to climb for large pieces ofthe map. Here comes the real drama of the title that pushes us to get a stamina that is consumed as we do physical exertion until it reaches the minimum level: from then on, the physical effort runs out gradually and will be restored only by ingesting food. Whatdoes this mean? First of all the food around is very poor and secondly to really enjoy the bar of stamina means that if in the future will be required to scale a large piece of any structure, most likely you will fall into the void for lack of physical strength. To me this is a significant mica designed to laugh. Running, climbing, or still hanging there are things that take away the air, in the true sense of the word. Obviously, just standing still to charge it, unless you came to the breaking point in that case should be replanted with food. Among other dangers, however, there is also the dust from the rubble of the destroyed city. Again, stay in areas full of dust becomes completely detrimental to theplayer but the surprise to discover that these particular areas will necessarily be facedwith a minimum of tactics, because you can not get around. If this were not enough, you also know that in the dust, it will be difficult to know where to go also. Having said so, and in fact it looks dreadful, but it is damn fun and tactical. The tension that can give the game is nothing short of palpable more than other survival games, in recent years.


I Am Alive is a game very hostile, both as regards the plot that the gameplay. It ‘s a difficult game even if you set the normal level seen that even during the fighting, takingtwo hits and two bullets, it means having to reload the checkpoint: limited themselves – if you run out of everything you get to the referrer entire chapter . It ’a niche game like you have never seen for some time but it is also an interesting and quite longish title that consists of at least seven or eight hours of play depending on the skill of the player … a little bit more if they will face in difficult. But the dynamics of the game do not stop to climb the buildings ,destroyed or with stand the dust. There are fights that in turn become even more brutal if you think it unlikely you’ll be one on one but very often we struggle with three or five people at the same time, just waiting for their turn to hit some – some with others gun.

After reading several eulogies, then you will think that I Am Alive, even if difficult, is a game than to buy with your eyes closed, but the answer lies in the middle. The new Ubisoft title of the house is a difficult and fascinating game but shows the side on many occasions. The gameplay seems to be survival get lost after the first half of the game as well as seeing a drop in the style of the past is a tad too Pappardella. But the endingseems great. Even from the point of view you live with the ups and downs of the texture that does not shine too much and modeling with a general undertone. The staging of the destroyed city seems good but limited by the usual invisible corridors that could beavoided … well, more freedom would not have failed. There remain some interesting stylistic choices in the variety of colors and are absolutely stunning particle effects of smoke, fog and dust.
I Am Alive is an interesting game that showcases a lot of bold choices of gameplay but could be less restricted. The title is always maintained on a hue and adult drama that is well away from the usual survival horror theme of the last year and for that alone should be purchased in advance even though ultimately it is an experiment that probably will findmore detail (including graphically) in a possible later.
Rate 8/10


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