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Platform: PS 3, Xbox 360, PC

Genre: Role-Playing Game

Publisher: EA

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Game Description
The minds of recent York Times bestselling author R.A. Salvatore, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion lead designer Ken Rolston have aligned to produce Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, a new role-playing game from some sort of worth saving. Build the you’ve always wanted and continuously evolve it for a model of use the revolutionary Destiny system. Choose your journey and battle by way of a master-crafted universe featuring some of the most intense, responsive, and customizable RPG combat ever.
Review: Kingdoms of Amalur-Reckoning
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is an action RPG developed by 38 Studios for Electronic Arts. R.A. Salvatore, Todd McFarlane and Ken Rolston, are the 3 bignames that stand behind this ambitious project, but in a market where the big games have a number at the end of the title will manage a fantasy writer, a comic book artist and a programmer , already famous in the field of RPGs, has found the right place to give rise to the universe of Amalur? Discover it with us!

I must admit that these three gentlemen have had a lot of courage to put his signature on a game belonging to a genus of which the market is saturated, butthat players would never do … unless we go, how many of you do not like to embark on a world vast and unexplored where the fantasy is the daily bread of the kingdomand salvation depends only on the choices you make? … well, for all those who responded “I’ve seen all the Elder Scroll”, “I just returned from a post -atomic “,”Never heard of Gothic? “I say … your old cutlery swords and go to Amalur … you will not regret:


After they die (yes you read that right) we risvegleremo amid a mountain of corpses in the depths of a fortress, brought to life by the wheel of Souls. This strange device, created by Hugues Fomorous a mysterious gnome to grant ussalvation army hurl against the Tuatha Deohn. This army will be the evil that threatens the kingdom of Alfaria and feel good the weight of its advance during our adventure. Escaped from the bowels of the castle where we will spend ourfirst awakened hours of play in the company of the Agarth Fateweaver, a kind of visionary who has the duty to give to each warrior the right way forward.
Taken by the inability to tell us our fate, the magician will introduce players to what will be his world from then on.

The sensations donated so far are the best, because the game big part increating the structure of a story that will then be developed on the System of Fates, the developers have preferred to create a system of choices that without going to affect the final destination adventure, but the ability to choose which faction fight. Favoring the quantity and variety rather than the moral alignments,now at home in this genre, the development team has created a universe, aliveand colorful in which the 6 factions to choose from. The main quests of the gameand the hundred dungeons are just the icing on the cake.

GOD OF Amalur

The gameplay of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning branches out into a vast open-world in which action and exploration are 2 basic qualities combined with great relief that the developers have given the combat system: “What the hell is Kratosto Amalur? “oh yes, this is the question that I did after dealing with the fighting ofReckoning.
One of the great things about this Amalur is just the spectacle of the meetings thatthey see the interaction of magic and weapons in a blaze of powerful attacks that verge on the fighting and action games, giving players the thrill of battle and live not the simple calculation of a challenge between levels in which a series ofidentical attacks are repeated until the highest level did not prevail over the child.The killings will allow you to gain experience and then raise one of the many skillsavailable between strength, dexterity and magic. You can also create hybrid characters, where the finest witchcraft goes well with the typical stealth of a murderess. Absolute freedom so that in addition to developing fighting skills will take you to be skilled in diplomacy or crafting. Just spend it in two words: as in an RPG that respect, even Reckoning offers you the opportunity to spend hours andhours of your time to crearem weapons, potions and other items, with a very deep and well done.

Returning to the bowl and wanting to make another comparison with the competition (Skyrim), Reckoning is very different from the artistic point of viewand more colorful, with a faster gameplay and accessible to all: how to play aFable for adults, with a level difficulty than the average of the current RPG.
In addition to having a web-based epic legends, just like Skyrim, Amalur also hasa character editor that allows you to choose from 4 different classes and little else,a customization that is not up to the other titles on the market.
The world of Reckoning encapsulates what the competition has learned to love with some minor additions:
We will have the minigame-fact, with the quick time event that will help to disenchant the caskets;
A more imaginative-war arsenal ranging from clubs, swords, giant hammers,whips, and even saw blades Xeena style;

The quick time event is also useful in fighting back with the Final Destiny, a sort of finisher in Mortal Kombat style with which we can eliminate in one fell swoop our enemies as long as it is filled with the appropriate bar Destiny collected from defeated enemies.
-In addition to system development through the accumulation of EXP also play the cards of fate, of precious artifacts that will allow us to detach ourselves from the linear skill tree made ​​available by the tool. With these cards we can create characters with skills and spells you will hear us and do not belong to a system already set up.
-Another new feature / limitation was the choice to introduce the Online Pass in asingle player game … how do you say? Well the simple answer:
This new type of Online Pass directly blocks 7 quests related to the factions that belong to the narrative line of the House of Valor. At the beginning of each of these missions is required 7 pass, without which you can access it, a nice blow to the flea market … but as consumers take?
Despite being an Open World, the most often has the feeling of being far toodriven by the game itself, with the highlighted item and suggested itineraries,choice while helping lose some ‘exploration of the charm of this type of game.

Another small flaw can be seen once defeated the enemies, the bodies of the latterfact, are often crossed as if there were, with the result of seeing the characterthrough the corpses opponents as if they were inconsistent.
Criticized by some for the bending action too, and appreciated by others because of the fighting “to the Fable,” Reckoning is focusing on ‘epic experience, with the powers that improve the level after level and the monsters that become increasinglyhuge clash after clash .
To conclude the discussion of the gameplay, Reckoning trying to refresh the genreof role playing with a result that will depend very much on the tastes of the individual player.


To move the game is the Big Huge Engine, the result is a beautiful artistic rendering, with lots of imagination is to characterize the environments that the characters and weapons, but it’s not a graphics engine that can hold its own against monsters technique such as Witcher 2. To improve the interface that is not always clear and shows some imperfection in the management of the minimap. Reactive instead of checks, despite the speed of the fighting in the third person.
The dungeons are well maintained and diverse, presenting new branches alwaysable to give the player a sense of discovery to any new plan.
To support such a structure is obviously important to the sound and GrantKirkhope has tried to give the powerful main theme melody impressive style Lordof the Rings or Star Wars. Of these issues and there are very few in a game so when we are faced with one of them so be it.


Amalur try to reinvent the genre with the RPG andolo mix of action, creating a worldin which the Elder Scroll fights like in God of War painting from a graphic style Fable!
The fatigue of the 38 Studios takes the best of the new generation trying to creates omething innovative that you want for the technical sector than optimal, whether for good ideas recently developed, is undoubtedly one of the best RPGs of the timebut can not fully to innovate the genre to which it is voted remaining a good launch pad to the future of this class of games.

Rate 8.5/10
By 89 Guybrush


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