Mass Effect 3 “The Truth” Will Bring Closure To All. And It’s Free [RUMOR] «

I have to admit, everyone that was saying that the ending to the game was disappointing…they weren’t lying. While not as bad as I expected it to be, I was left pretty depressed with the outcomes.

But in the time of darkness, there seems to be a ray of light that might just fix all of this. It seems Bioware is setting to release free DLC content that will bring the closure that we need to the series. According to an image from Polish site CD-Action, it seems that there is a lot more than multiplayer DLC that we’ll be getting in around April or May:

The ending was half-assed because of the leak. They changed it at the last minute so they could have more time to prepare the real ending via DLC.

It’s called The Truth and it’s being released in April or May. You WILL be able to continue the story if you picked any of the endings. Your decision during that sequence will have a big effect on your ending of The Truth. The Truth adds two new sets of enemies, new classes, and multiplayer maps including “Firebase Hive”, which is a small area of the last remaining collector ship included in the DLC, which, by the way you should definitely bring Javik the Prothean along if you have him.

The picture here shows some of the leaked multiplayer classes and races. One race that isn’t shown is the Prothean Adept and Vanguard. This DLC also enables the ability for owners of the preorder and From Ashes DLC to find their DLC weapons in reinforcement packs.

All that content, and this might as well be labeled an expansion pack.

And it’s free.

You’re welcome.

Oh what’s that? No I’m not crying. It’s just small tear of joy.

Well that is we can take this to be true.


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