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Platform: PC, PS 3, Xbox 360

Genre: Action-RPG

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: BioWare

Review: Mass Effect 3
In each generation of consoles, there is a limited number of new intellectual property which create franchises that are perpetuated over the years, gaming franchise to which we bind ourselves in one way or another and which are also worthy of unforgettable if a perfect conclusion. Mass Effect is definitely one of the series remained mainly in the heart over the years and comes to the end of the trilogy with Mass Effect 3: BioWare will be able to give a cut epic and exciting chapter to the last one? Here’s our review.
Only five years have elapsed since the arrival of the first Mass Effect, initially the exclusive Xbox 360 and then brought on PCs. It soon became one of the games of the year for its ability to propose a very rich texture, a complex universe created from scratch and filled with planets, races, and a rich mythology. Mass Effect 2 then landed on the PlayStation 3 also significantly expanding the possibilities with a video game even more polished, improved, enriched in the previous year. In this sense, Mass Effect 3 is the perfect and fitting end of the series because, from the earliest times when you start the game, you can clearly see its magnificence, though you’d think it would be difficult for BioWare, and close tie all outstanding issues, propose conflicts between the races in an epic way and give a perfect end to a very complicated story.

Shepard, we need you!

exactly where we left off with the end of the second chapter. Importantly, to better enjoythe new game from BioWare, is absolutely necessary to have played the two previous chapters, it is possible to recover because it saves the details of the plot changes dramatically depending on how you have acted in the past. For our test, we played a game still a virgin, which is not, however, prevented us to appreciate the game in itsentirety.

After saving the galaxy from the dreadful Sovereign, Commander John Shepard has been in recent years on Earth and is called to give explanations about the Raiders, but intruth we realize very quickly that you can not compete against these terrible machines of death and occurs between the other a huge surprise enemy attack that knocks our world.We therefore find no central government and the only hope lies precisely in Shepard: Sowe escape to Normandy, and try to find a way to cope with the mysterious alien race that wants to destroy the universe.
In Mass Effect 3 the narrative component plays a central role as the gameplay itself, during the adventure we have witnessed remarkable twists and turns that have not failed to leave you speechless. The thing is strengthened if we take into account that the choices made in-game have a great importance on the progress of the game and there are serious repercussions in terms of how we decide to act Shepherd. The aim is to exploit the qualities of Normandy to explore the galaxy, collect an allied army to confront the enemies and decide on the moment that we believe to be the best action to proceed

If then in the previous Mass Effect were aware of the threat that constituted the Raiders,in Mass Effect 3 we must prepare to face their final offensive looking for some help in other breeds, since the Earth’s resources are not sufficient to defeat the terrible destroyers. All the adventure is focused precisely on clashes and organization of thegreat attack and what is interesting to note is how BioWare has worked to give an ideal conclusion to all races encountered in the universe, thus closing such great stories,conflicts and the fates of the characters aliens who have seen so far in the series. Also this time the narrative segment is therefore the difference and it is absolutely satisfying from all points of view: it involves, has a strong emotional impact, and yes, offers an experience similar to the film. So get ready to fight a legion of giant beings with a technology and firepower stronger than ours, which is devouring the entire galaxy,transforming the corpses into new recruits with no soul to get right where the tentacles of the Raiders do not come. Let us prepare to face an enemy too powerful forces.Shepherd and those who know to become allies during the adventure.

The changes to the gameplay

A curiosity that we can clearly see when starting Mass Effect 3 is that BioWare has planned three different game modes depending on the tastes of the player. There is classic RPG mode with many RPG elements, the Action mode which more action-oriented and dialogue in which options are predefined and there is no choice like RPGs only mode, and finally the story mode in which the mode that you may find easiest to make you enjoy much more with the story ideally for those who want even more adventure-style film. Mass Effect 3 is still more marked action, but in general there is a great interactive story in which very often feel the weight of our decisions,accompanied by missions strictly focusing on the fight against the enemies. In this sense, the third installment in the series follows what we saw in the second, but they were greatlyimproved the key points and in particular the combat system.

The limitation of weapons for classes has been eliminated and therefore we bring with us a more complete arsenal regardless of category: rifle, pistol, sniper rifle, semi-automatic … The only limitation is that the weapons weigh and what therefore influencethe frequency of use of powers and abilities. So if you want to use weapons biotic but know that you can do has a consequence in the management of the character. Shaft of the upgrade of biotic powers has been slightly modified to provide greater customization. The soldiers are no longer able, as in the past, to carry any weapon but you have several options to improve their skills.
The Normandy becomes a real hub that will handle the game, then we can decide how to move from here, determine the next course – a map invaded by raiders – and acquirethe best information necessary to continue the adventure. In the citadel we will explore and to have a domestic market that provides many elements for the side quests in addition to allowing the purchase of armor, weapons, spare parts applicable to the same, and so on. Clearly it lacks the editor to modify the appearance of your character,choosing gender, or playing with the default male Shepherd model, but always has its charm.

The fighting is still faster, dynamic, agile than seen in the past and also the cover systemin Gears of War 3 there has been significantly improved: for example, now we can get out of the roof, jump on one side and kill a running enemy is there, it must be said that the raiders are however very powerful and can throw smoke bombs without letting us see anything, very dangerous place themselves on towers, and there are semi-bosses and bosses to defeat, but spectacular and so huge well realized by never having seen anything like it in the series. But if our combat system has been improved, so their is no different, which certainly makes the game more difficult but also more fun.

The allocation and use of powers of different types has hardly changed from Mass Effect 2, as well as the character progression system that is almost identical: it seemed a little different weapons management and customization, but nothing more. It has instead changed the health system and now we have five fingers and each time we are woundedby an enemy we can recover health protecting us, but if the situation is too serious we need a medigel. Small changes and additions, therefore, made ​​on the basis of ME2 but that serve to enhance gameplay.

The gameplay itself has not changed so much: Commander Shepard moves with a clear view behind us as it happens in the series Gears of War, the targeting system works well and the possibilities are numerous, such as you can choose to be soldiers, engineers,experts in sniping assassins, or Vanguard, biotic, and so on. Skills can be used with the wheel of the powers assigned or directly with a button on the pad, both for themselves and for the Allies, very useful in this case especially when you find yourself in phases of the game extremely excited. Well structured in general development of the characters:you level up by completing quests and you can customize Shepard as you see fit with the many weapons that are found during quests, armor and components for changes.Unchanged compared to Mass Effect 2, the management of morality, linked to the choices made ​​during the various tasks, but this is definitely one of the best made ​​that we found in the whole gaming experience in Mass Effect.
BioWare has worked to offer in Mass Effect 3 more dynamic and this aspect can be understood on several fronts, both during combat, which in the variety of enemies: for example, now you can organize groups more strategically using turrets, shields ,weapons of all kinds and in general, however, the behavior of the enemies is very sophisticated. This also helps to make the scene even more interesting than the greater linearity of this front that we saw in Mass Effect 2. We then noticed a general improvement of artificial intelligence with our allies and teammates know that now survive better in certain situations and know how to organize themselves more difficult to use to better their skills.
Valuable technical level, but with some flaws
The work done by BioWare with Mass Effect 3 leaves more often open mouth, as thegame looks a lot like a blockbuster where they are alternate sequences of game classics to breathtaking scenery and cutscenes that have all the appearance of one of the best films seen in theaters. The scenarios for each location are particularly rich in details, the load has increased sharply polygonal and strength by dell’Unreal Engine is felt. The graphics is very respectable to squeeze the most out of this console generation, but in general a technical level there is some flaw too. During the cutscenes we saw significant drops in framerate and bodies that disappear without any explanation or that fit into corners or between ports of the scenarios, things that disturbs the eye and do not allow to follow the action at its best. These problems, however, tend to occur especially in movies intermission: the real action of the game but we found a few minor bugs, always like this,but nothing that does not allow to continue the adventure of Shepard and the Normandy.
Mass Effect 3 is a worthy conclusion to a fascinating trilogy that undoubtedly marked this generation of consoles. Thanks to a sublime gameplay, which expertly mixes RPG elements to those actions, a narrative worthy of a blockbuster film as well as a graphical cutscenes, and that, rather than a video game, make it resemble a movie. BioWare’s work is a masterpiece that will last a long time: dell’Unreal engine, will not fail to involve particularly and those who played the two previous episodes will not disappoint although the ending scene will make you surprise.
Rate 8.5/10
BY Astre


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