Ninja Theory: “We’re Not Pretending We Are Japanese Nor Making Apologies” «

The new DmC has received plenty of controversial backlash towards Ninja Theory mainly because of the radical shift in the art direction.

Still, Ninja Theory isn’t backing away from Dante’s new makeover.

They justify their decision based on the fact they believe that “Japanese style ethos tend to involve make characters look cool for the sake of looking cool, adding odd accessories, crazy hairstyles and colour, cowboy boots and so on simply because they look cool.” Whereas Western styled characters “tend to be more functional adding things that have meaning and being able to explain that meaning”.

Creative Tameem Antonaides goes on to say, “ We’ve not so much done away with any of the Japanese aspects of the series. But are more building on the foundations of the franchise to develop a game that has a different flavor. We grew up on US and European movies, comics, music and general culture. That’s what we’re tapping into….We’re not pretending we are Japanese nor making apologies for that.”

While the issue will continue to linger on with both the fans and developers, I admire the fact the team sticks to their guns.


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