Other PS4 rumor confirmed at E3 «

In the March issue of PSM3 UK an insert devoted entirely to the next Sony console confirms that PS4 will be presented at E3 2012, citing an unnamed source very reliable.
The first ”confirmation” of the possible announcement of PS4 at Los Angeles eventwe gave the site MCV, some time ago. A few days later, however, the president ofSony’s Kazuo Hirai officially denied the news.
Yet, PSM3 reports:
“Nintendo Wii will be present at E3 with U, Microsoft will announce a next-gen consoles, and only the presence of Life does not convince the world that Sony is ready for a new generation of consoles. Not wait for hardware designs, but some evidence of ’existence of PS4 is critical to the success of Sony. Expect a name at E3, and other information at TGS. ”
Perhaps, there is still some hope …


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