Resident Evil: Outbreak «

Platform: PS 2

By: Capcom

Game Description
Resident Evil Outbreak tells the dramatic & frightening story from the Resident Evil games in the new cinematic form. A secret biological weapon was unleashed in Raccoon City, turning citizens into flesh-eating zombies. The entire city is currently a walking, shambling nightmare. But there are a few survivors, and they will should fight their to technique to the town limits ahead of the government quarantines them — leaving them trapped there. If you die amongst people, you will be reborn to be a zombie — the latest twist about the Resident Evil series
Review Game- Resident Evil Outbreak
Play Station 2 is fun to have because of the different games that could be played in it. Although there is the newer version today which is the Play Station 3, the Play Station 2 is still sought for by many people because of its challenging games like the Resident Evil Outbreak. This game is specifically made to be compatible to the Play Station 2 Platform.

Resident Evil Outbreak is particularly a survival horror game that is perfect for gamers who like fun, challenges and action. This is the game that will let you experience extreme action and you will feel scared in every phase of the game. Just imagine home many zombies are there running after you. The game will let you feel like you are really on a secluded place and there are a lot of scary things that could happen. You could be bitten by a zombie and you could die in just one mistake.

The resident evil outbreak all started when the T-virus infected a lot of people in Racoon City and the government cannot do anything to control the outbreak. Almost all people in the city turned into zombies and few lucky ones survived. In the game, your character is one among the lucky ones who survived the outbreak and is now being chased by the zombies all around the city. You have to run, to hide, to jump, and to take action in order to control the zombies and fight for your life.

You have to be skilled if you want to play this game, the Resident Evil Outbreak. You have to properly control your character at all times so that it will not be bitten by a zombie. You also need to know how to go around the city so that you will not be trapped in a particular place and have no choice but to be a zombie too. You should have map awareness in order to easily find the final place where you could escape before the missile bomb gets launched to the Racoon City.

Every scenario in this game is fully packed with special challenges that could bring more trill and fun in the game play. You will encounter new characters that are very interesting in every part of the game. You will discover secret items too that could help you conquer the battle against the zombies. You will surely enjoy finding items from different storages unexpectedly.

As you go on with the resident evil outbreak file 1, you will surely be able to go on the different places in racoon city while being haunted by zombies that could kill you to death. You will really feel good and satisfied if you could escape from the zombies and stop or kill some of them. The zombies are scattered all around the city so you have to be very careful in order to be successful in the game. You have to foresee when and where they are coming from.

The game needs a lot of time, patience and effort so that you can reach the final phase of escaping from the city. You need to stay awake and never get tired fighting the enemies. You can complete the game by passing through every stages of the game. But if you want to have an easier way to finish this game, you can make use of some cheats. You can find these online or you can ask a friend who have expertise with this Resident Evil Outbreak File 1. You have these 2 options but surely the first one is more enjoyable. You will feel the trill in every stage of the game and face all the enemies.

The Resident Evil Outbreak copies had been sold to many people and many are still yearning to have and play this game. Are you one of these persons who want to try this game? What are you waiting for? Today is the perfect time to discover Resident Evil Outbreak and enjoy the game play. Don’t get left behind about this great game that started in the year 1996. This has been the favourite of many gamers today. You should be able to know this game so that if they will be telling stories and information about the game, you can surely relate.

The popularity of the Resident Evil Outbreak File 1 made great effects to game aficionados. Other merchandise related to this game were produced and sold in the market. Most of these items where patronized by a lot of people. This creates more popularity for the game that’s why until now it is played by many people. You will surely enjoy this game as well as the products with Resident Evil Outbreak trademark. Feel the trill, feel the scare, feel the challenge, start you game now!

Rate 8/10


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