Rumor – God Of War IV & Syphon Filter 4 To Be Announced In February «

It’s been a while since Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow came out on the PSP/PS2 – 5 years, to be exact. For some people, this was just a distant memory. However, it might not be so for much longer.

God of War 3′s ending has also left some players curious – could there possibly be a sequel?

Our questions may finally have some answers. According to the Playstation magazine PLAY, Syphon Filter 4 and God of War IV are currently in development, and will be revealed in February. Syphon Filter 4 is being developed at the SCE London Studio, aimed at a winter 2012 release:

“As far as our spies tell us, Syphon Filter 4 will be announced and released during 2012 – they’re not often wrong either. Developed by SCE London Studio (once thought to be Sony Bend), it will see a return to the world of shooting, espionage and Gabe Logan’s superb name.”

Rumors about a God of War IV has also been swirling around for a while, beginning with the ending to God of War 3, and then to recent rumors of Sony Santa Monica hiring for new positions relating to online development, teasing that the game might have some kind of online component.

“Sony Santa Monica’s call for an online dev to join its ranks has many thinking the inevitable God of War IV will include online play. We could stop and ask why, but then we could also ask there’s another game when GOW III was meant to be Kratos’s last outing. We’re not complaining though.”

I’ve personally never played a Syphon Filter game (yeah, don’t kill me), but I know some people who love the series, so this should be quite good news for them. I, however, am more interested in a God of War IV. Kratos deserves more longetivity than just 6 games (including short mobile games). Whatever they’ll come out with, who knows, but I’m definitely looking forward to it.


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