Rumored Release Windows For 2012 Apple Products «

Apple is a very punctual company…While people complain that the company is always releasing yearly updates to their products, I find this rather refreshing. It allows me to manage my money and know exactly when I will be plunking down my cash to upgrade to the next model. According to schedule, the rumors of iPhone/iPad releases are flowing in and, with them, so other surprising news:

The latest round-up of dates isn’t all too surprising, but the murmurs of not one, but two iPad will be of major interest to many iPad hold outs. A 7-inch iPad is most certainly going to be less expensive and will entice many to join the Apple cult…resistance is futile. Some other big rumored dates include:

■7-inch iPad mini (August)
■iPhone 5 in (September)
■10-inch iPad (Q4)
While the date of the iPhone 5 release is a little later than I expected, I am happy to see that we are (hopefully) getting a true upgrade and not another “S” sub-grade. I am tired of all the hype surrounding the damn “S”s!


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