Snarf that Scarf: Gaming’s Coolest Scarves «

Hipsters. Fashionistas. Grandmothers. These folks come to mind when you think of scarves in the real world — not exactly an enviable group, by any means. But in the land of video games, only the baddest of asses don these squirrely pieces of woven fabric. Sure, your average video game protagonist may be protected by high-powered armor, or equipped with latest in devastating weaponry, but it takes someone with real guts to save the world while rocking a swanky scarf as the centerpiece of their ensemble.

Neurotic ninjas, femme fatales, space gunslingers — just a few of the hero archetypes that prove wearing a scarf in the world of video games is not only a fashion statement, it’s a sign of awesomeness.

Shinobi Spot Art



Ninjas are best known for their stealthy antics: they wear dark clothes, hide in the shadows to avoid detection, and use weapons such as blow darts and shurikens to strike silently.

Hotsuma, the star of Sega’s 2002 Shinobi, did not have stealth in mind when designing his garb — in fact, I’m pretty sure he intended to draw direct attention to his neckwear. This bright red fashion accessory would draw the eyes of any onlookers, even during the darkest of nights — provided Hotsuma hasn’t already gouged them out with his sword. Still, being so stylish often has its downsides; enemies could easily use that red bolt of fabric to trace Hotsuma’s movements from a mile away.

Tali Spot Art

Tali’Zorath nar Rayya

Mass Effect 

To know a veil is to know a scarf, and Tali’Zorath has both on lockdown. The quarian race: best known for its weak immune system, atrophied by years of life aboard the sterile Migrant Fleet. They wear complex suits to protect themselves from the full spectrum of different diseases that make their way around the Citadel (and Shepard’s bedroom).

Tali’Zorath mixes a combination of bleeding-edge technology in her suit and veil with a traditional scarf/hood combination. This blending of alien cybernetics and old-school fashion sense makes her a notable and memorable character in the Mass Effect universe.

Rose Spot Art


Street Fighter Alpha 

Street Fighter’s Rose is one of the few characters on this list who dons a scarf for reasons beyond making a fashion statement — it also contributes to her fighting style. She can imbue her golden neckwear with soul power — the counterpart to M. Bison’s psycho power — and use this versatile piece of fabric as a way to attack her opponents.

Of course, the flowing scarf also complements her slim form, acting as the ultimate mix between havoc-wreaking weapon and sophisticated accessory.

Rose Spot Art

Emmett Graves


Space is a dangerous place. In addition to the ever-present alien threat, a myriad of environmental threats pose some serious hazards for humans — namely, the lack of oxygen. Most protagonists don high-tech spacesuits before even thinking about entering the void.

Enter Emmett Graves, hero of the upcoming Starhawk, who casts all those safety precautions aside and instead rocks a fashionably disheveled scarf. The red-and-white checkered shawl may not serve much of a purpose when it comes to Graves’ day job as a miner, but it certainly makes him look badass while administering annihilation to mutant space aliens.






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