Sonic Rivals 2 «

There’s no denying it. Over the past few years, Sega’s true blue speedster has missed a step or two. Once the co-ruler of the gaming kingdom alongside a certain plumber, Sonic’s last few game entries have lacked the excitement that fans had grown to love. With Sonic Rivals 2, though, it looks like the hedgehog may have caught a second wind and gotten himself back into the videogame race.

The Story Mode’s plot, weak as it is, involves yet another scheme from longtime nemesis Eggman in a new quest for world domination. This involves everything from kidnapping the cute little Chao, stealing the Master Emerald, and just about every other piece of badness he could come up with. For gameplay purposes, the reason for this unusually multi-faceted plan is to draw the eight selectable characters into the game’s Story mode for their own reasons. Right from the start, players will be able to choose from one of four teams: Sonic and Tails, Knuckles and Rogue, Shadow and Metal Sonic, and finally Silver and Espio. Players then take on the other teams in a series of races and brawls in a mad dash to be the first to defeat Eggman.

The bulk of the gameplay in Sonic Rivals 2 pits two characters against each other in a race through tracks reminiscent of the classic 2D Sonic games. Characters try to beat their opponents to the finish line while collecting as many rings as possible along the way. Players can throw off their rivals during the races with a few well-timed attack moves or via one of the many power-ups scattered throughout the track. One of the coolest things about these races is that players are not necessarily restricted to one particular path. In the last Sonic Rivals game, if you got knocked off the track that was it… game over. This time around, players might get knocked to a lower tier of the track, but can still manage to keep up the pace. Also, players can find other routes which can score faster times, more rings to collect, etc. In short, there’s never a guaranteed win until someone actually reaches the finish.

Knockout mode seems to try and emulate the Super Smash Bros. style of play in a Sonic environment. Players face off in small platform-filled arenas, using basic attacks to try and force opponents to lose their precious, precious rings. Once an opponent is out of rings, one more attack knocks them down for the count and the player wins the round. If it sounds like there’s not much meat to this, then you’re getting the right idea. Knockout games feel like they were tacked on at the last minute to try and add something extra, but instead it’s just little more than an annoying distraction.


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