Sports Stats And Video Headed To Your 3DS «

You can’t knock Nintendo for trying to diversify the appeal of the 3DS…First came the news that the company was teaming up to bring you an in-depth view of the Louvre Museum in France, and now they are partnering up to bring sports content to the die hard fanatic in your household.

By connecting to a Nintendo Zone tomorrow, you will be able to access video and information from a number of different popular sports venues:

■NBA Digital
■Barclays Premiere League from FOX Soccer
With these services you will be able to get live scores, highlights, top 10s, and access to exclusive 3D images from games that you can save right to your 3DS. Gaming, culture, and now sports…add a beer app to the list and I will finally be plunking down some cash for my own 3DS!


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