Platform: PS 3, Xbox 360

Publisher: EA

Review : SSX

Assuming that I am half a duffer with almost all sports available (though when I was youngI played football, tennis, basketball, swimming and doing many other things useful to keep the line), one of snowboarding is one of the few daredevil sport that eventually I would like to try. That said, while I see the real snow melt in the hot sun of the days that seem to have finally arrived, I dedicate myself to reboot SSX on consoles.


The thing I like least in the games is the absolute need to follow the letter of the annoying tutorial that seems to never have to go out of style. Then I see the opening movie of the game, watch an idiot who does karate moves from stereotyped and then I’ll jump into the void as the man without fear. Here the game makes me feel the first thrill of free flying and playing Trick / combos to score points and make for impress the girl. All this is quite simple, as with the left analog stick will control the movement of the character while the right-most keys performing thrilling maneuvers. After the tutorial, we throw ourselves headlong execution of virtual snowboarding … that if I think that in the real world there are people who do stuff makes me really is the face Boeotian.


SSX launches us with a truly stunning game menu and allows us to choose between four game types: simple race that we all know and we can freely try out the tracks to store paths to always arrive first on the podium. We can choose to play with the kind of trickwhere you have to score more and more doing crazy stunts and finally we have a survival that requires the player to get to the end of a track without killing – easy to tell you – with the addition of an avalanche as it becomes more and more immense. In short,pure adrenaline that if you have good speakers, the roar of the avalanche produces issomething painful than ever. Last but very important, we have the world tour that wethrow in as many as 153 specific tests to overcome to become the number ones nowboarder in the world. The design of the tracks are absolutely perfect and offers a lotof jumps, alternative exits, ramps, pipes, trunks, helicopters, descended of death or crevasses to fly over the board while making combos and while it remains literally speechless. Among other things, know that you will play the tracks that have been realized thanks to the topographic maps provided by NASA itself to EA … scary stuff! If this were not enough, the game will be the day and weather conditions will also vary: So imagine you start a track with a bright sun and find yourself in the middle of a snowstorm with zero visibility. Not bad. The game still does not require a great dexterity in the downhill: it is not technically a game but it is always pointed to an arcade audience – this is to point out that you can really groped Trick of extremes and land always the beautiful(but it’ll also be broken against the rocks).

ALMOST RPG (but not)

Among the things that should never fail in a modern game that is dedicated to the growth of character and in this case, SSX it offers all sorts of things. You can buy various boardsand Snowboard choose the color or design as well as you can customize your playing PG, choosing among the various suits, or various in-game items such as Scarpo,goggles etc etc. In short, it’s nice that the developers have added a thing to make the most affable PG controlled though ultimately not really go up that level of skill or like a RPG. Also know that there is an option for the lazy, able to select the right equipment foreach descent … so, if you belong to that group of players (myself) who do not want to waste time on these things, and immediately jump into the fray.


SSX has good graphics but not great and tends to show the side in some complex situations with a drop in frame rate that occasionally stands out too much and that tends to cripple the good feeling of extreme speed. All the tracks seem well made ​​also in the textures (though there is almost only snow) that can be admired more than dignity. Sin, and some surfaces is seen that the technical limitations have been hidden somewhere but spend too much fog. Also good animation glitches, and Trick of the falls. The camera shots are almost perfect although more than one occasion I happened struggle and that it loses sight of the PG but it happens very infrequently. Of real horrors I have not noticed if not some interpenetration of polygons or parts of patterns that appear and disappear in the distance, but usually has a very narrow view of the scene. SSX is then accompanied by the usual surfing or rock-like pieces that are comfortable with this type of games but not for the sound that shines so much.

The AI ​​does not say is just a loss but almost. At the end is not that the computer opponents will give you too much trouble indeed, happen to getpast more for personal than for any other errors. The large jumps or runs should be takenwith a minimum of attention even if it is an arcade.


SSX is a great game, I admit. There will be the final game of Snowboard but is very close and I must say that the work done is nothing short of excellent. Has its merits but also the defects but they are small and can easily be left behind. Right now I would recommend it with my eyes closed because it seems to me that there are not manyalternatives around. He also has a nice long life so you want more from life?

Rate 8.5/10

By Alessio Arciola


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