Star Ocean Till the End of Time «

Platform: PS 2

Publisher: Square Enix

Product Description
Star Ocean overflows with action, exploration, fast-paced combat plus an intricate plot, which leads to an immensely deep gaming adventure. Character development is versatile and open-ended, making it possible for true freedom in character growth through battle. The fully 3D battlefields allow players to relocate freely and control an event of three simultaneously, taking a advanced real-time battle system. Players can execute synchronized attacks and collaborate to unleash a deadly blow towards enemy. While moving in one percentage of game yet another, fully polygonal graphics make a magnificent environment an excellent explore. The multifaceted story is presented in gorgeous CG movies and event sequences. The entire knowledge of Star Ocean can be enhanced with Dolby Pro Logic II sound.

Set in SD 772, 400 years since the climactic grapple with the ?Ten Wise Men,? humans and aliens now co-exist together both in advanced and less-developed societies, as being the Galaxy Federation will continue to check out cosmos to find more influence in Space. The storyline begins as Star Ocean?s protagonist, Fayt Leingod, brings his family and childhood friend, Sophia Esteed, on the Federation-managed resort planet Hyda for your vacation, although the dreamy holiday is abruptly ended when Hyda is attacked by a mysterious space military. In the heat in the attack, Fayt is separated from his family and Sophia, and that he begins an emotional quest to the unknown to uncover his family. Along his journey, he gets distracted by the war of an uncharted planet, playing with the final, he learns the terrible untold secret around the world and himself.

Review: Star Ocean Till the End of Time
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is the third installment in the franchise of Star Ocean. Tri-Ace and Square Enix is the developer and published of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, respectively, for PS2 platform. The video game was released in North America, Japan, and the Phase Alternating Line regions (PAL areas). The first publishing date of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time by Enix was in February 2003; its penultimate publication prior to its unification to be renamed as Square Enix. The Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was released once again in 2004 as a Director’s Cut edition with additional features like new dungeons and characters. The versions in Europe and North America are derived from the Director’s Cut adaptation. This video game is set 400 years following the end of its predecessor, Star Ocean: The Second Story.


While having a lot of resemblances to Star Ocean: The Second Story, this video game consists of a lot of elements that make Star Ocean: Till the End of Time one-of-a-kind among most RPGs. Rather than a menu-driven battle, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time provides real-time interactive battle, the same with the Tales and .hack series. Combats take place when coming across foes on the primary travel field or once specific pre-scripted incidents take place. In combat, you will directly control only once character, while the computer controls the other two. However, you can select the strategies by the AI (artificial intelligence) or change which character you want to control.

Attacks of enemies can ail either at your MP (mental points) or HP (hit points). In addition, you will lose hit points from making use of special abilities or lose mental points from making use of runeology or symbology, which is basically the same with magic to other video games. If one of the characters lose all their mental points or hit points, they are defeated and is not able to continue partaking in a combat (unless specific restoration items are utilized). If all of the three characters lose their mental points or hit points, the game ends and you will go back to the position where you last saved your game. If every enemy are knocked out, you will be awarded with EXP (experience points) and Fol (form of money in Star Ocean). Once several groups are killed, your characters can also obtain some mental points or hit points, to offset the mental points or hit points that were gone due to making use of symbology or runeology, or special abilities.

Similar to its predecessors, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time has a feature called Item Creation, which enables you to make and upgrade various items. Several trades are provided, such as Smithery, Engineering, Alchemy, and Cookery. Item Creations’ workshops are spread all over the dungeons and towns within Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and you can invest in it in order to enable a broader array of items to be forged. As soon as you forge an item, you can file for its patent, and obtain more money from incomes made of vending such items in different shops. In addition, you are able to hire inventors in order to help you in creating a variety of items.


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