Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation «

Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation is anime-styled, grid-based strategy filled with giant robots and comes with enough military intrigue in space/conspiracy story material to fill out an entire series. These facts alone are capable of selling and repelling significant numbers of gamers. Will you still dig it if you think anime is for dorks? Is the strategy strong enough to make the game worth it on its own? Will a robot designed for space combat perform equally well in an underwater combat scenario? All these questions will be answered within this review.

There are two sides to the story in Original Generation. Starting a new game lets you select from two alter egos. Kyosuke is a cool-headed test pilot that presumably knows no fear, or if he does know fear they’re probably brief acquaintances at best. Ryusei is a high school student who was recruited to be a space pilot after exhibiting unparalleled skill at a video game. Both leading men are backed by a cast of supporting characters and will see the same basic story from different perspectives. If you’re a gamer who wants to be engaged for a number of hours in the high double digits, your replay radar should be tingling right about now.

In terms of gameplay, the experience will be largely the same no matter which side of the story you’re on. In any case, your chosen pilot will be behind the controls of a giant robot, backed up in battle by allies in other assorted giant robots (or when there’s not enough robo-love to go around, a high-tech fighter plane). As the player, you command them all on maps divided into a grid of square spaces, using pilot-specific abilities to boost movement or combat performance and determining who will attack whom with what weapon.

The degree of strategy involved in this process isn’t terribly high, but there are considerations to make past doing as much damage as possible. Using your weapons at an ideal range is the biggest factor (rifles and missiles far, swords and fists close, basically), but you’ll also want to consider various factors such as the terrain (certain machines and weapons perform better or worse on land, sea, or in space). Since you’re essentially commanding a group of all-star pilots, the difficulty is not so much in coming out alive, but clearing a map perfectly to net as much experience and cash rewards as possible. You then strengthen your pilots by learning new skills and tune the performance of your machines toward faster, stronger, better. Even individual weapons can be tuned for greater damage. Love that Revolver Stake!


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