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Platform: PS 3, Xbox 360, PC

Genre: FPS

Publisher: EA

Game Description
Syndicate is the re-imagination of a cult classic franchise from 1993 – a unique action shooter occur a forseeable future, where Organization is War. 2069 – No more governed by politicians, the planet is divided up into regions controlled by megacorporations often known as Syndicates. These Syndicates have revolutionized how a consumer interacts with all the digital world. No more does the consumer demand a device to view the world’s data and control their technology, they can do that within the blink of your eye via neural chip implant. Civilians flocked to get “chip’d” and have all that their selected Syndicate can give; housing, medical, banking, insurance, education, entertainment and jobs. One complete package. One complete lifestyle. In exchange, the Syndicates gained unprecedented insights, and control, across the individual along with their behaviour. With little governmental oversight, business has grown to be war. The Syndicates will stop at nothing for ultimate market dominance. In the type of this war include the Agents, the Syndicate’s bio-engineered and chip-augmented enforcers. They’re able to breach anything in the wired world including their enemies, their weapons along with the environment that surrounds them, leading them to the most efficient and deadly technological weapons on the planet. Accept the role of Miles Kilo, Eurocorp’s latest prototype agent, and begin a brutal action adventure of corruption and revenge.
Review: Syndicate
Setting out to play with history is always a dangerous practice, the more so if history is that of video games. We all know to be part of a cult where adherents are older and tireless who must fight against any business that intersects its humus nostalgic. Starbreeze knew this well when he decided to resurrect the brand Syndicate to make a shooter. All of us in the preparation we initially criedheresy, only to be confronted with a software house that has played cards,showing great respect for the nostalgic impulses from the beginning of the development. Moreover, the Starbreeze’s pedigree is not toilet paper, as we toldour Variety II-no recently as last weekend. Now you can say: Syndicate capturesso much from the imagination of the series, but fortunately not proposing it in a surrogate brand that was, but she builds a modern twist, adapting to the genre of FPS. What we face is NOT Syndicate version shooter, but a shooter set in the world of Syndicate. The difference, apparently thin, it is indeed vital to understand (and accept) the close connection that the developer had with the masterpieces of Bullfrog.


The twenty levels that comprise the entire single player campaign you are off in about seven or eight hours, taking it easy around and looking good. The basic structure is that of a first-person shooter quite canon, to which are added, however, some variables, which allow digressions tactics not be deep enough to almost never bored. We shoot so much, passing rapidly from a weapon to another (up to a maximum of two) and collecting appropriate ones that leave enemies in the street once they have become meat for the vultures. A lord it is the chip DART 6, which allows our agent to interface with a number of electronic devices in this scenario. A tower can not be destroyed because a shield protecting it? A quick breach of its security systems and you’re done. An elevatoris in a position that prevents us from continuing along his trumpet? A small electrical impulse at a distance, and the result is guaranteed.

The DART 6 is not only that, but it also allows the chip to act against “worn” by the enemy. The interaction occurs by means of three applications, which are programs that can be installed over the air mel victim and which may lead to different results. The suicide forces the subject to take his own life, and thePersuasion turns an opponent into an ally, that fires and companions to take away life work is finished, the Backlash, finally, detonates the ammunition in the hands of the enemy and stuns him for a few second, doubling the damage caused by ourbullets. These three App can not be used repeatedly and without restraint, but they must be “recharged” by doing things such as killing agents opponents or taking advantage of the DART in other ways. This is a limitation which, combined with a fervent enemy AI, keeps the bar above the minimum wage of tactic, because if you get to shoot as there was no tomorrow and charge headlong almost never works. And indeed, it’s often the last to exploit the peculiarities of the DART chip,which is a sort of bullet time (rechargeable with time), through which you can evensee the position of enemies behind solid barriers. Moreover, from time to time, the game allows you to install improvements in the chip, ie the perk to be selected through a grid structure. A far cry from the depth of customization of a Deus Ex:Human Revolution coincidence, and yet the fact, once installed the updates, youfeel all right when his way through a swarm of enemies.

The single player campaign is, overall, more than pleasing, and allows you to approach situations proposed by Starbreeze so very personal, although some”cues” of what was good to seem too forced and simplify life too much to the player. The defect is large, however, the imbalance between the development ofmissions and boss battles, too hard and long to complete compared to the huge spending on anything but hard to get there.
Despite a more than decent single player, is the co-op multiplayer that Starbreeze Syndicate has decided to play for the wildcard. Here things work very, very well,as I have been experimenting during some sessions organized directly by the developers. To begin with, the applications available are limited to three (as in the campaign), but are about a dozen. Each one has a use very different from the others and make their appearance even temporary buffs that can be activated on our traveling companions. Obviously, not every app is available immediately, but must be unlocked by completing missions and improved spending special”tokens” and these are bestowed not only when a job ends successfully for the first time, but even then, if you has the foresight to raise the level of difficulty.Moreover, all weapons are not upgraded to the maximum, which occurs in the single player campaign, but start at a “basic” version, which must be improved little by little, other types of spending money into research on technological /scientific. Clearly, too many perks DART can be activated on the chip are unlocked gradually as you go up a level.

All these aspects do not add anything new in the panorama of modern shooters, I do not think, however, that the ultimate goal of Starbreeze is to bring some kind of blatant gender breath of fresh air. However, the depth in customization allows the agent to build little by little the preferred class, rather than insisting on someshades of other, and making every single moment of play. The strong need for cooperation is also an essential element of which is built around the enjoyment ofmultiplayer fun. As has already had to say good Fabio Bortolotti in one of thepreviews that we have dedicated Syndicate, face a mission co-op as if you were playing Doom is about as wrong can be done. The many opportunities providedby the level design of maps – some, indeed, more inspired than others – offer very different solutions depending on how you made ​​the party (up to four players) and what applications have already been unlocked. Do not always have to do with pesudo-corridors. Sometimes you parry solutions partially open front, as happensin the mission set in Mozambique: in these cases would have been useful to havea HUD indicator of the position of the companions, indeed only present when oneof them falls in battle and needs to be revived .

Just as in the single player campaign, even if the co-op missions, many involving the killing of miniboss, when it is not true ultra-tough boss. These are moments where you need to do as a team rises to the nth degree, other wise the most sinister of Game Over, with the ultimate prize that salutes brutally. Despite a clear need to exploit the different tactical skills class, the pace is always high and with very little downtime, most useful to stock up on ammunition near a checkpoint.

Breaking, dutiful words about the technical sector. To begin with, Syndicate is fluid and he hardly ever loses frame the street, which, for a shooter, is all well and good. Despite the frenzy of a few moments, the commands via pads have proven quite comfortable to not be a hindrance to the good results of each mission.Obviously, the PC version is not only more beautiful to behold (although not note the marked differences admired Battlefield 3), but also has the advantage of having mouse and keyboard as input devices, which is always preferable for a title like this. In general, regardless of the platform, the graphics of the Syndicatehas the advantage of involving more for the design and the class of some color choices, rather than the detail of the textures or the number of polygons used. It isknown to be capable of Sarbreeze to use filters and effects in a masterly way, soas to compensate for any lack of aliasing: a task that is almost always managed to talented Swedish team, except for the PS3 version of The Darkness, which was a real anthem and the bitterness from ladder. Syndicate is no exception,although I found the excessive use of blur in some passages, especially in somelocations closed and full of neon.
Two last words on the location in the Italian language in the texts but only decentgood in dubbing: Some items work quite well, while others clash with theenvironment and lack of interpretative vein. Too bad.
Rate 7/10


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