Wii U Price Point Looking To Be Around $300 At Launch «

The Wii U will be here before you know it…time tends to make fools of us all, especially when it comes to the ramp up of a new console. It seems like only yesterday we were watching the reveal at E3 and now all of a sudden we are getting the juicy details about a device we can only in a matter of months! The big nugget from today was the anticipated price point ($300) when the Wii U launches later this year.

While the number may look large, it is important to remember not only the history of consoles (most are launching at the same, if not a much higher, price than the rumored $300), but the cost of manufacturing as well. According to people in the know, Nintendo is not making much of a profit off of the consoles:

■$180 for the console
■$50 for the controller
■Perhaps another $20/console on marketing and research?
That is 5/6th of the launch price right there (that is roughly a 17% gross margin on profit for those who are not currently crunching the numbers on their calculators right now – not a significant profit for a company like Nintendo). While they should make a hefty amount on games, it seems that they are trying to keep their pricing pretty affordable considering the cost of manufacturing the Wii U.
Not too shabby Nintendo, not too shabby at all…


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