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The Asphalt racing titles may not be familiar to most console gamers, but they could easily be considered a rival to Ridge Racer or Need for Speed on the mobile platform. Asphalt 4 sports some of the best 3D visuals I’ve seen in a mobile game; at times, its over-the-top racing physics make it seem like you’re trying to steer a cannonball — in a good way.

Precise drifting and nitro-boosting physics give you a score of aggressive options that aren’t normally seen in racing games. Most races encourage crashing into your opponents, which is the best way to finish in first place and unlock more cars and tracks. Besides a standard race to the finish line and a points-based Cash Attack mode, you can knock out other cars in Beat ‘Em All, chase down the leader of the pack in a Cop Chase, or take on single cars in Duel mode. To earn the cash necessary to complete this lengthy game, you’ll replay the five race types as many as 20 times each. It’s an acceptable way to extend the gameplay by several hours…as long as you don’t mind a slight bit of repetition.

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Some technical difficulties stand out: Occasionally a race ends randomly, the touch controls on the side of the screen fail to register, or the skybox graphics on some levels appear blank. But even with these minor glitches, Asphalt 4’s fast style of play sets a new standard for mobile racing. The unlockable cars and events should keep you busy long after you’ve mastered the driving mechanics, making this a durable showpiece for the iPhone’s gaming capabilities. For nitro-fueled aggression, Asphalt 4’s a hard mobile game to beat.

Played on an iPhone.


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