Battle for the White House «

In an election year, any candidate exhausted by the primary season is bound to behave in strange ways. The stress has been known to cause gaffes and moments of vulnerability, resulting in a presidential campaign that’s all about generalized repetition. It’s in this spirit of tired unoriginality that Battle for the White House throws its hat into the mobile ring, and this collection of minigames is completely hit or miss.

Like a made-for-TV politician, Battle for the White House looks good but lacks substance. Watching cartoon versions of the candidates engage in bizarre minigames is amusing for a brief while, but these segments lack the biting edge and fulfilling gameplay of a title like White House Rumble. Minigames include a Breakout rip-off, a Pac-Man clone, and a handful of other knockoffs based on obscure mobile games like Nom. In Nom’s case, it’s perplexing that a game centered on the U.S. presidential campaign would pay homage to a Korean series very few Americans would even recognize.

You can unlock extended versions of these unoriginal minigames by playing through the primary- and general-election modes, but by the time you’re elected president in this game, you’ll probably be tired of these boring knockoffs. The boxing segments are especially poor, and the cheesy Dance Dance Revolution minigame uses only one annoying disco version of “Stars and Stripes Forever.” I’d encourage everyone to get involved with politics, but not in this game.

Played on a Sony Ericsson K800i


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