Battlefield 3′s PunkBuster system hacked. Hackers boast. «

Third party cheat detection systems have existed in many forms throughout the age of online gaming. PunkBuster is one of the most widely known, and has a mixed reception among the community.

A junior member of the site ArtificialAiming, a site dedicated to hacking, has spoken out about his attacks on the PunkBuster system. He and his team are specifically targeting GGC-Stream Battlefield 3 servers at the moment, creating fake bans that even the GGC-Stream staff were defending as legitimate bans.

You can read the original post from the attacker here or read Kotaku’s source article here.

EA is advising any players affected by these false bans to play on non-PunkBuster servers for the time being.

Obviously this does not affect any console versions of the game as PunkBuster is not implemented on these systems.

What do you think about PunkBuster? Is it time to do away with third-party cheat detection systems or have these hackers gone too far?


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