Crusty Demons Freestyle Moto-X «

We’ve all played our share of Tony Hawk-style extreme titles, right? At this stage in the game, you really have to come hard with something both polished and different to make the player populace give a darn. Crusty Demons Freestyle Moto-X hits the ground running with an established brand, a unique twist, and a compelling story; but falls apart the instant you start to play it.

The Crusty Demons are well-known in freestyle-motocross circles — if there is such a thing. Picture the guys from Jackass on motorcycles, and you’ll have a pretty good jumping-off point. Real-life freestyle fliers like Twitch Stenberg and Dan Pastor are put into a fictional storyline where they all sell their souls to Satan for immortality. They realize it’s a raw deal, and have to jump through plenty of mission-based hoops to get their souls back — why is the Devil always so forgiving in these kinds of tales?

Immortality has its privileges. These death-defying riders can no longer die. Get mortally wounded, creating a bloody smear that stretches for a few dozen feet? Yes. Break every bone in their bodies? Sure. But actually ceasing life is impossible. Crusty Demons exploits this to the fullest, with graphic crashes and laundry-list injury readouts as you follow your carcass with user-controlled camera angles and variable slow-motion.

The bigger the wreck, the more points you score — much like regular tricks. You can even purposely bail out at any time, which comes into play with some level goals. It’s very reminiscent of Vivendi’s racer Flatout, but a lot more violent. However, like Flatout, the good points are pretty much all tied to this gimmick.

Travel from ratholes like a Texas trailer park or a New York ghetto to exotic locales such as Amsterdam and Cancun — all the while plying your free-roaming, trick-based craft. Maneuvers can be done in midair or while on land, and wheelies will let you keep combos going, a la Tony Hawk’s manuals. Advanced techniques include doing donuts and long, low skids under objects. Fitting the destructive theme, pedestrians and environmental objects can be run over for more points.


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