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Platform: PS 3, Xbox 360, PC

Developer: Techland

Publisher: Deep Silver

Game Description
The player is drawn into the world of Dead Island around the brink on the mysterious epidemic that suddenly, and with no warning, breaks out on the fictional island of Banoi. Being a guest on the Royal Palms Resort, the player’s stay was supposed to be a goal holiday; a lavish getaway for the beautiful beaches of a tropical paradise. But met with a realistic look at a zombie apocalypse, there’s one thing left to accomplish: Survive. This is Dead Island a paradise incredible. The area of Banoi: If you were yearning paradise, we all know the place for you to make those dreams the reality. The city of Banoi. Just journey coast of Papua New Guinea, located South with the Equator and only north of Australia. Until very recently most of the city was wild and primitive and totally untouched with the modern world. Favorite capital, Moresby, was founded by Australian settlers in 1895, a multitude of locations deep inside interior still never been seen by western eyes. Banoi’s lush tropical beauty offers many natural wonders: from verdant rain forests to mountain highlands to virginal white sand beaches. Go on a diving tour and have the wonder of coral reefs teaming with life. Hike the mountain highlands or explore Banoi’s extensive network of mysterious caves. In the process you will encounter different rare birds, butterflies, fish, reptiles, and mammals, such as the great apes in the Banoi highlands. It’s actually a sportsman’s paradise with world-class rock climbing, fishing, hunting, sailing, and kayaking. Or if that sounds too taxing, inevitably be a private beach, splash inside waves and take in sunlight. Satisfy the friendly people of Banoi. These are satisfied with their rich cultural heritage. The indigenous art is globally renowned and unbelievably varied, reflecting the numerous local tribes using own myths, legends and language. Come see what Heaven on Earth looks like. Visit beautiful Banoi. The pearl inside necklace of the Oceania Archipelago.
Review Game: Dead Island
More than 5 years of development are many, for a new IP and a team from the media coverage very low (5 annals record the assets mainstream titles, so try to break Techland Olympus of games with anambitious project that is triple A: a big sandbox that wants to be an action-RPG in first person, survival horror game with strong assumptions of a cooperative, with avalue articulated and stunning stage presence. This attempt is called Dead Island, and, alas, do not feel the judge as “failed”. Want to too many errors of development,you want the unaggressive promotional campaign that did not meet the expectations, you want to manage the product in more wrong time and for more reasons …
ATTENTION: At the time of publication of this review was published the patch 1.02,which is to change some (few) of the traits considered by the reviewer. We’ll talk about at the end of review, the first editor of Commentary.
A hellish paradise
The events that take place in Banoi Dead Island, an ideal exotic island regarded as the most exclusive and sought-after tourist destination. A Banoi spend the holidays most famous and capricious VIPs, women more sexy, strong personalities and all those who have a bank account to afford such a luxurious nights and good beaches.
You’re spending a lot of long summer nights in a disco at the Royal Palms Resort,drunk, as if there was no tomorrow (needless to say!) And failed several attempts to go to bed and turn the potato, a prey to alcohol , even trying to steal the limelight from rapper Sam B (one of the playable characters) Banoi invited for this exclusive evening. You’ll be stopped by that Logan, who claims to be a former NFL footballstar, and you will encounter the seductive Purna that, annoyed by your latest attempt to ”collision”, you will stretch out on the floor with a loud knee down where even the alcohol can ease the pain. A steward of the Resort will notice you and will help youget up and go back to the hotel, until a crazy reckless not jump on him biting his neck. Well, at least you’re not in a state so miserable!
Throw disk in bad air, so you understand that it’s time to lie down on the bed (alone, as the raw material is wholly committed tonight). First, however, agree that it is better to cool off for a moment in the bath (the women …), but you will find that you are in the wrong time (and in the wrong place, of course): a girl is totally bloody on the ground, while Xian Mei, employee of Royal Palms, it asks you politely to get out of what is a bathroom that there should be. But what the hell happened to that woman? And the crazy first?
In fact, better to go to sleep. We holed up in a room, you will fire three of sleepingpills, and who have seen have seen …
Good idea, let alone the realization
The introductory video you will understand that the premise of this Dead Island are more than excellent, as well as attractive, and is now increasing interest in this free-roaming first-person view, which seems to have a lot to offer. And in the end it has, were it not that all this “stuff” was made with a carelessness that is at historic highs for this generation.
Before starting with the few positive details of the technical sector, it is good to make it clear what kind of story we have to do, seeing that Dead Island is still an adventure.
Although the preamble is attractive, the narrative of the game is mostly inconsistent.Playing as one of the characters listed above (each characterized by its “class”, we will see in detail later), your first goal is to escape from the island, in any way. While you try the company you will be asked to help the survivors of this mysterious tragedy, while hundreds and hundreds of “infected” wander in search of people living on what was formerly a wonder land. End. There you will discover a lot about your character, so as not fully understand the “why” of Dead Island and what it tells (hastily) if not picking up the fragments confusing and messy extras that will make you listen to testimonies of other survivors. And the paradox is that this kind of plot is dilungata for 25 hours in the country! A campaign that has many (perhaps too many) main missions, all designed to help the survivors and only occasionally approaching the much desired escape, as well as offers a multitude of missions, which are useless for understanding the narrative strand. Some will say “not important”, the rest you already knew that Dead Island aimed at anything but a history of memorable (seh …).
We leave it to one of the few spots certainly positive, or the graphic impact. Dead Island is definitely nice to see, with its breathtaking landscape, its effects hit the spot of light and ambience well reproduced (and also quite functional to the game itself, although it is not so original). The graphics engine, the owner of Techland Chrome Engine, it does very well at the level of detail, showing the faces of people and rendered with skill and quite varied among them (until they progress through the game). The early problems start from here, however, when one realizes that much of the “package” of animation has been created evil passing over those of the zombies themselves, non-player characters are animated as best (worst secondary ones) and even may happen that you speak with NPC that does not even move my mouth!
Always “blaming” the graphics engine, collisions between the player and zombies, or zombies and NPC, are not at all well calibrated. Often, you will miss the enemy, just as there will rarely be seen pass away from the zombies in the race that does not “feel” your body into what should be the natural impact. In addition, despite the Chrome Engine has good management of physical, almost 80% of the game world is as it is, “guarded” to the ground: there are few props with which you can actively interact, and Many of these are well scripted (and say that there is a “real-time calculation”). Just to let you know, the undersigned reviewer has broken through again and again its vehicles knocking over umbrellas (!) Or even for camping stools (!). Robe in 2011 are no longer acceptable. Even more so if we add to this “rabble” a strong tearing, frame rate dips and inexplicable, unbelievable, even the general lag even when offline (at least, occurred only on the PC and PlayStation3 versions
Dead Island: the wrong way to survive the zombie
Now you say, “well, technically not the best. But oh, if you have advertised so much to say that it will be fun, right? “. Here, disregarding the fact that usually you have to learn that a campaign is so exceedingly strong symptom of a product in itself scarce, we answer your question with: “More or less …”
The gameplay in Dead Island is right now labeled as abnormal because of the mix of genres that is this game. Having to be a first person action-RPG sandbox survival horror (and not a bad word), inevitably the game system must be a hybrid of all these genres, but there are different ways to do one thing well “ delicate “…
We divide the definition of Dead Island. ”First person”, very intuitively suggests that the first-person is unique about this game. Big deal, except that the already mentioned problems of collision ruin a little ‘quality first-person action game.Further more, the system checks “analog” that Techland aggettiva as innovative is not at all a positive note, the idea is to base the attack on the use of the right analog stick, but an uninspired mapping (for every shot must first pull back and then forward the lever, moving it would be more appropriate for more advanced shots and not ALL the shots), together with ONLY TWO types of stroke and a very clear recognition of the movement make this “innovation” something they would do much less. The advice is just to use the mapping “digital”, ie the classic FPS by setting a Call of Duty.
We continue with genres (rather than “gender” in the singular) for this game.”Sandbox”, which is one of the features high lighted in the promotional phase.Indeed, one of the highlights of the gameplay of Dead Island is precisely the possibility of loot (“collect” for those who do not speak well the language gaming) a lot of items, ranging from simple weapons collected on the ground for objects not viewable in-game you can find in various containers (baskets, bags, drawers, or even computer) but that will be essential for editing and creating new weapons or game objects. Loosely based on the most famous Dead Rising, the system will allow pseudo-crafting (using special workbenches, looks a bit ‘!) To repair the weapons you have in inventory, modify objects using lootati and even create new weapons unique: the only limitation is that posed by the projects, without which you can not create anything “new.” All these actions need them by paying now, I really do not understand what the real utility of the money system of Dead Island. Implemented “forced” to limit a bit ‘the process of repair / edit / create, in fact seems completely unnecessary given the lack of real in-game shops (to be honest there are some NPCs that would serve as shopkeepers, but the whole is small stuff compared to the immense money systems of other games that inspired Dead Island).
We continue with the autopsy, speaking of “action-RPG.” Indeed, Dead Island is an action game is an RPG, even if the first is marked by an evil plot narrated. Your character level increases, for each total of experience points earned from quests and killing zombies, and at every level up you gain skill points (in reality it is only one point per level-up, but let’s pretend that Techland has inserted a more complex algorithm). With these points you can unlock new skills ranked according to three trees grow: Fury (what characterizes the class of the character varies depending on what you prefer to use weapons as your alter-ego), Fighting (skills that improve your strength and damage of weapons you will use most often, usually following your class) and Survival (general skills that improve your health, strength, and so on).Brief mention should be made with the aforementioned system of Fury, which consists in a mode “power” can be activated only after an amount of kills or damages suffered and that will make you twice as powerful and seemingly immortal, this is an interesting variation in gameplay , whereas for the higher levels will make you invincible seriously for too long a time, in our opinion. Continuing with the analysis of action-RPG, a small discrepancy is in the difficulty curve of the game: although some areas are more difficult because of the storyline, you progress level will rise with you all the zombies in the game, a factor that distorts RPG ties up the component (usually areas “easy” should not remain so, until at least some serious disruption of the gameplay?) but that is fed into the action part of the game, making it increasingly hectic and hard to deal with (not to say frustrating at times, for those who do not like challenges continuing and redundant).
To conclude our analysis of the kind of Dead Island, we arrive at the “survival horror”. Or rather alleged that, as Deep Silver sells well there but it is already very serious horror, let alone “survival”. In the end there is only the setting of horror, because of various fears and cuddly if they take very few (only some cutscenes and slightly scary at times when it is attacked by zombies that have remained hidden from view) while the “survival” is only the intention to escape from the frantic, if it was that all the canons of historical survival horror are not at all followed and respected in this Dead Island (limited ammo, loneliness, medipacks that can be counted on the fingers of one hand and save point just tell you anything?).
In short, if we are honest Dead Island can actually be called “just” like a big sandbox RPG background in horror, as all the other features of this “multigenere” were poorly implemented or at least made a little ‘water rose .The union is strength: if only we could unite …
Another feature super-millantate for Dead Island is its online component, only cooperative. In this game, in theory, you can do it all together with 3 other players, since the main campaign for the exchange of weapons and objects for editing.
Underlying all this, there is a netcode in the media, which in theory works quite well with no slowdowns whatsoever, synchronizes each event for all players and contributes sufficiently to make fun of this particular Dead Island.
In theory, precisely because first of all it is virtually impossible to play with friends.The netcode versions of PC and PlayStation 3 seems to require a bandwidth of proportion to the private matches, which results in countless disconnections and often to the total impossibility (when in the game is already more than 2 players) to enter in the matches of invitation or invite friends in turn. Moreover, the matchmaking does not have an easy life: the “rules” to connect to unknown users predict that you can connect to lots of players who have a level equal to or lower than yours, and also will be listed only games that are on your same state of advancement of the main campaign, with a “bonus” of a single mission back or forward to those that are facing you.
This results in a co-op and annoying little enjoyable, especially considering the fact that the game offers no real incentives for cooperation (no increase in difficulty, no mission designed for the co-op), and to act as an aggravating that allow for the advancement of missions some events are run with all players close to the affected area, something that becomes especially frustrating when a player “goes for his foul deeds” or is in the process of disconnection (or worse yet, far from pad or keyboard).
There’s the cake, let the icing
That said you will say, “Will i spend 50 $ to buy it?”. Beautiful, wonderful question. All in all Dead Island does not have a true “because” for which justify the purchase unconditionally, and we do not feel to emphasize this or that detail to give you some reason to buy it.
If we really want to be good and try some other positive point (omitting for a moment the great graphics, good ideas from the GDR and the pseudo-crafting of weapons and items), we are going to comb through the sound department, who despite not coming of extreme originality remains guessed and helps to characterize the different moments of the game. But we are not reviewing an album of music, guys.
A patch is not entirely useful
As we warned in the introduction of review at the time of publication of this article is available online by Techland packed a corrective patch to fix some of the 60 passes, and bugs present in Dead Island. Too bad the patch corrects some minor bugs.
In fact, a patch is installed, it remains difficult to organize cooperative games to 3 or 4 players (for the same problems mentioned above). The match making was softened and slightly improved general stability online, but considering that in Italy we have connections in the media and that not all online gamers traveling on optical fibers, one can not even accept a netcode so ruinous resource.
Fortunately, the release of PS3 Trophies has been (almost, and we stress “almost”) correctly, as it has been eliminated most cases where the rescuer was locking up and it was losing relentlessly all game data.
However, some quests are buggy (ie, non-terminable), while most of the major bugs found in the launch phase are still present and nodding as the zombies that roam Banoi.
Rate 7/10
By Wayne 07


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