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Who ever thought hunting virtual deer could be so much fun? Deer Hunter by Sorrent reminds me of perhaps the most popular hunting game of the past: Duck Hunt. But unlike the simplicity of Nintendo’s lightgun shooter, Deer Hunter provides a certain gameplay depth for an otherwise point and shoot genre. Since 1997, the Deer Hunter franchise has been one of the most realistically accurate hunting games, and now its conveniently available on your mobile phone.
Deer Hunter is quick to pick up and easy to learn, while still requiring patience and skill to attract, aim, and shoot. You use your Deer Call and Deer scent tools to attract the deer in your area. Surprisingly, the deer will react and will position themselves in your scope view. Then, you take your time when aiming, as the up and down movement of your scope makes it difficult to target. This will no doubt become less apparent when you’ve bagged several deer and your aiming skills increase. Quick Hunt will put you straight in the action, while Season mode will take you on a hunting tour to different locations based on 3 weather conditions. You must modify your strategy to each environment (for example, on the hunting grounds of upstate New York, where Deer stay behind thick trees and bush, occasionally peeking out). Deer Hunter is definitely a challenge, but an enjoyable one at that.

The sounds of howling wolves and chirping birds are so crips and clear, Deer Hunter will definitely turn heads when played in public. The wolves’ howling is perfect for breaking up akward silences at parties — just let the sound play and you have yourself a comedic situation. When you first turn on the game, the quirky theme music will get you in the mood for the nature challenge — you’ll feel like hunting deer was your long lost hobby.

Sorrent has done a fantastic job with the mobile phone version of Deer Hunter. It’s a skillful game with nice attention to detail that will no doubt keep players entertained for a good while.


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