Finally, a cell-phone game that actually lives up to its console counterpart (or in this case, perhaps exceeds it). DRIV3R has plenty of story, action, and missions for a portable game, let alone one on a cell phone. It comes complete with a full-length single-player mode and some driving minigames, creating a package that could keep you entertained for weeks — a rare case for mobile games.
In single-player mode, you are FBI agent Tanner. You go deep undercover to infiltrate a Miami gang profiting from stolen cars, and that’s where the fun begins. What makes this game different from all other cell-phone titles is its Grand Theft Auto feel (the earlier Grand Theft Auto games, at least). Although you are in a car most of the time, there is a multitude of ways to use your vehicle. Missions include protecting a car, evading cops, and even crashing into enemies (these opportunities are also accessible in the minigames section). There are cities to explore, gangs to penetrate, and cars to steal. (Yes, you can steal cars by blocking them and hopping in.) Another valuable feature is that your progress is always saved, making it easy for you to just flip the cell phone open and start playing from where you left off. This beats having to start over every time you’ve got to power down to pay attention to whatever it is your teacher or boss is spouting on about.

The only bone to be picked with DRIV3R is its poor assortment of vehicles. Your choices are a sedan, truck, motorcycle, or muscle car. Each comes in different colors, but that’s about it. More car models from different decades and more color variations would be great, but of course, this isn’t too big a deal, and it doesn’t take away from the addictiveness of the game.

For those of you looking for a GTA-style experience on the go, DRIV3R likely won’t disappoint.


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