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Platform: Window 98, PS 2

Game Description
Final Fantasy X takes you into the world of Zamarkand, where you must face down the dark force called Sin to save the world. Tidus is a star athlete who survives a massive disaster. With the help of a girl named Yuna, he journeys to temples & monasteries to find truth. Learn to summon aeons-old spirits of power to add to your fighting abilities as you battle the evils of Sin. Spectacular graphics and incredible voiceover work will immerse you in a new world where evil forces threaten the existence of all you know! Life-like, high-polygon, motion-captured characters designed by renowned artist Tetsuya Nomura Dolby Digital 5.1 channel Surround EX compatible Enchanting musical score, with tracks featuring a distinct Japanese Okinawan flavor

Review Game: Final Fantasy X

I used to play almost all of Final Fantasy series, as you can see I’m quite a big fan of this series and I think Final Fantasy X is the best of all. Maybe my opinion are conflict to many people who’s fan of the series too because I use to read about other blog that vote for the best in this series , and I have heard that many people vote for Final Fantasy 7 and 9 but for me I think X is the best why?


First of all I think the story of FF X Is really great, not only I think It a little conspiracy and dramatic story about game-star [Tidus and Yuna] truly romantic but also the story telling is great , it’s make me fell like to play it like no rest, wanna know what will going on next. And the emotion that the character express [especially Tidus and Yuna] is really convincing the best for is generation.

Graphic & Character design

Graphic of this game is questioning best for Its generation far more great that any other RPG game in PS 2 , include first person shooting for example Resident Evil 4.

Character design is really attractive and unique, except , I think Tidus design is a little weird like his cloth and hair design something like that but still unique , not like any other male character of this series. Yuna design is really attractive and cute also other character like Rikku, Auron is stylish


The gameplay is also great but maybe it hadn’t change must form Final Fantasy 9 but still it can keep a ornament of Final Fantasy , like when you fight some boss you feel like you fight something enormous. Still I have also something to blame that the game maybe to straight and the way you get the ultimate weapon you have to do some stupid quest that not attractive to do at all, but still if you only want to end a game you done need that kind of weapon.


Sound of FF x is, I will use this word again great, really great . For me I think it’s a perfect match for this game even do the Suteki De De [song for a romantic theme between Tidus and Yuna] is in Japanese but I think it can make me fell into it even though I don’t know the meaning, like the song play by violin and can make the sadness alive.


Still I think FF X is the best JRPG game I ever play.


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