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Platform: PS 2

By: Sony

Review Game: God of War

God of War 1 is an arcade-adventure computer game for Playstation 2 platform. This computer game was the primary computer game in the God of War series. God of War focuses on Kratos, the main character of the game, who needs to stop Ares, the God of War, from annihilating Athens City by searching for the magical Pandora’s Box.

Gameplay of God of War

By playing this video game, you will be able to control Kratos in several combats, puzzle game and platforming elements. You have to basically control Kratos during several mazes, trials and tests in order to reach your missions.

The primary weapons of Kratos are called as Blades of Chaos, with Blade of Artemis as the secondary weapon. You will also be able to obtain four different magic spells such as the Army of Hades, Zeus’ Fury, Medusa’s Gaze, and Poseidon’s Rage. You can also obtain Poseidon’s Trident, a historical object, which enables Kratos to be in the water for a long period of time. In addition, Kratos will momentarily use the Blade of the Gods throughout the last battle with Ares.

The Rage of the Gods, a special skill of Kratos, can also be obtained, which gives momentary immunity and improved attack damage. By destroying enemies, the Rage of the Gods will be recharged.

Magic and Health upgrades – Phoenix Feathers and Gorgon Eyes, respectively – can be found in several chests. Six of these are required in order to upgrade both your health and magic bars. Other chests, which contain orbs, are symbolized with an equivalent color for orbs (red, blue, and green). Red orbs give experience points, blue orbs refill magic bars, and green orbs refill health bars. These orbs sequentially enable the upgrading of weapons and magical skills.

Red orbs can be accumulated by destroying enemies and demolishing specific animate things. Battle mode consists of a quick-time feature, which could be started once you have destroyed a stronger enemy and a sign (the controller’s circle button) emerges on top of them. You will then press the same button commands emerging on the screen. If you do it successfully, the battle will end, but if you failed, it will cause damage to the main character. A “grab” movement is available as well to be utilized on minor enemies that provides red orbs, which give experience points.

Plot of God of War

The focus of the game revolves around Kratos, a warrior serving Olympus’ Greek gods. It is shown in flashbacks that the main character was previously a Spartan army’s captain, who led his soldiers to numerous victories, until eventually beaten by a strong force of barbarians. Overmatched and nearly destroyed by the leader of the barbarians, Kratos asked Ares, the God of War, for help. He vowed to serve the God of War servitude if Ares would save his horde and give the ability to kill all of their enemies.

The God of War hears the prayer of Kratos, and united the Blade of Chaos (two chain blades which was bonded in Tartarus) with Kratos. Using the Blade of Chaos, Kratos successfully defeated his enemies. A triumphant Kratos then declares war in Greece, and ultimately manages an assault on a small village populated by Athena’s worshippers. Ares deceives Kratos by putting his family in the war, whom Kratos unintentionally killed. Though the real intention of Ares is to make Kratos the best warrior, Kratos forsakes his servitude to the God of War. The currently destroyed village’s oracle curses Kratos, and his family’s remains sticks to his own skin, becoming ash-white. Kratos, now called as the Ghost of Sparta, serves Olympus’ other gods. Tired of being of service to the gods, Kratos calls on Athena, who says that if he can destroy Ares, he will then be absolved for killing his family. Athena sends Kratos to kill the God of War since Zeus has not permitted divine intervention.

Your primary mission in the God of War video game is to kill Ares and become the new God of War.

Gaming Experience

The God of War is arguably the most well-known arcade-adventure video game for PS2. This video game is a must-have for every individual who owns a Playstation 2 because of one basic truth – it pushes Playstation 2’s power to its boundary and you will be able to experience this when you have a PS2, first. God of War is among the many video games which actually amazes every player due to its intense gameplay, high-quality sound effects, and graphical prowess.

Overall, if you are among the many fans of the adventure genre in the world of video games, you’ll certainly like God of War due to its historical plot situated in the earliest Greece. If you truly want to get the best out of your Playstation 2 platform, God of War is absolutely the perfect game for you.

Rate 8.5/10


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