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Platform: PS 2

Publisher: Sony

Hardware Description
Trying to find a driving game which provides more than simply breakneck speed? Have a gander at Gran Turismo 4. The modern installment on this amazingly popular racing game brings realistic driving to some totally new level. With plenty of new cars and also a vastly improved physics engine, you’ll be able to tackle the roads inside your favorite cars in the 20th century.
The Cars
Automotive history is at your fingertips with Gran Turismo 4. You can select from over 700 cars, dating back nearly a century to the 1915 Ford Model T Tourer. From the United Kingdom’s AC to Sweden’s Volvo, you’ll can choose from practically every car manufactured since 1915.

Beyond the list of cars, GT4 sports a new and vastly improved physics engine. Offering even greater realism than its predecessors, the GT4 engine has been meticulously designed to cover every inch and turn of your driving experience. Using physics to calculate weight, speed, friction, and a host of other nuances, every car delivers performance with its own unique, precise handling and feel.

This game isn’t just about the cars, though — it’s also about the competition. The advanced, lifelike drivers compete with fervor unmatched even by some of your video game buddies. Fueled by the latest advances in artificial intelligence, your digital rivals will react to your every move with behavior modeled after actual professional racers.

It may take you weeks to test drive all 700 available cars, but with Gran 4 you’ll never truly run out of “new” vehicles. This game is equipped with a multitude of options to customize your favorite cars. Brakes, shocks, and engine components can all be upgraded. You can stylize your car with wings, rims, and color, and you can even change your oil. In short, you can do whatever needs to be done to keep your car tuned and looking hot for the next big race.

Gran Turismo 4
The Human Element
Gran Turismo 4 brings something completely new to your gaming experience. In the stands you’ll find spectators who comes to life in 3D before your very eyes. They react with genuine human emotions to your every move, cheering as you pass, and snapping photographs as you cross the finish line. Your next pit stop will take place as if you were really there. You’ll watch the process unfold in real-time as your crew rushes to change your tires and refuel your tank. But that’s not all. With the new addition of convertibles, you are truly in the drivers seat. Your drivers will react with precise and fluid motions, and turn just as you would if you were behind the wheel. Gran Turismo has never looked so unbelievably real.

The Courses
Not only does GT4 bring you the rare opportunity to drive hundreds of cars, it also offers you a vast collection of actual racing locations. Rip through the exotic Costa di Malfi in Capri, burn rubber through the urban jungle of Hong Kong, or throw up some serious dust at the Grand Canyon — no matter where you decide to race, you’ll love driving any of the game’s fourteen tracks. Feeling nostalgic? With Gran 4, you can even race on some of your old, favorite tracks from previous editions.

Review Game : Gran Turismo 4 (PS2)

Gran Turismo 4 is a video game which focuses on racing, and is developed by Polyphony Digital for PS2. Gran Turismo 4 was released in Hong Kong and Japan on December 2004, in North America on February 2005, and in Europe on March 2005. This video game is among the only two of racing genre for PS2 that can have a 1080i output, Tourist Trophy is the other video game which Polyphony Digital also developed.

Gran Turismo 4_2
Gran Turismo 4 was postponed by Polyphony Digital for more than 18 months, and had its internet-based system taken out (soon included in the test version of Gran Turismo Online). Gran Turismo 4 features more than 700 racing cars from 80 different manufacturers, from the Daimler Motor Carriage model of 1886 to the future models in 2022. In addition, the Gran Turismo 4 features 51 distinct tracks, a lot of these tracks are modified and newer versions of the previous Gran Turismo video games, with several prominent real-world extras.

The Korean, Japanese, and Chinese versions of Gran Turismo 4 were packaged in a 212-page driving lessons and guide on racing’s physics. The test version of Gran Turismo 4 Online, which was a limited adaptation, was released during the summer of 2006 in Japan. Gran Turismo Moble, a Playstation portable-enhanced platform, was first proposed for development, but was soon entitled to Gran Turismo, which was published for Playstation portable in October 1, 2009.

Gameplay of Gran Turismo 4

In Gran Turismo 4, you can collect points by prevailing at certain races in the standard first-person driving form, known as the A-Spec mode. Every race happening can produce almost up to 200 A-Spec points. Usually, once you win using an automobile without a lead against the AI challengers will gain you more points. In addition, there are 34 Missions in which you can obtain for almost 250 points for every mission. Aside from this, A-Spec points are obtained not as money, but as experience points.

The latest B-Spec mode will put you in the position as a crew chief: informing the driver on how to aggressively drive, how to mandate pit stops (by checking the level of fuel and tire wear of each car), and when to overtake. The time of speed in each race can be raised to approximately 3x, enabling for Endurance races to be finished in a fewer amount of time than in the A-Spec mode. On the other hand, the 3x feature of Gran Turismo 4 must be switched on following each pit stop since it resets to standard time. The manual of Gran Turismo 4 says that you are capable of speeding up the B-Spec mode by almost 5x, but is thought of as a typographical error. Points in the B-Spec mode are provided for every finished race in this kind of mode. These points allow you to raise Ai driver’s skill level in the kinds of battle skill, course skill, and vehicle skill. In this manner, you can make use of the B-Spec mode in more difficult races as Gran Turismo 4 progresses, but B-Spec mode can’t be utilized on snow, dirt and wet courses.

Another addition include in Gran Turismo 4 is the so-called Driving Missions, which are the same in the common license exams, but provide successful finishing point with 250 points for the A-Spec mode and 1000 credits. Every mission happens with a specific car on a particular race track or track section; and a specific group of challengers. There are 4 different kinds of missions in Gran Turismo 4 such as: 1 Lap Magic, wherein you begin with a substantial penalty time over

Gran Turismo 4_2

much slower challengers and must win in a single-lap race; Slipstream Battle, wherein you must pass the same challengers using drafting; 3 Lap Battle, wherein you need to overtake 5 other cars in a 3-lap race; and The Pass, wherein you need to pass another car within a specific distance. Finishing at least one of these 4 missions will earn you a prize car. There are 5 available cars that you can obtain by winning, such as the Nissan R89C, Toyoya 7, Pagani Zonda Race Car, Jay Leno Tank Car, and the DMCDelorean.

Gran Turismo 4 features 51 different tracks, which are categorized into 4 such as the Dirt and Snow, City Courses, Original Circuits and World Circuits. A lot of these tracks are modified and new to the version of Gran Turismo 4.

Cars in Gran Turismo 4

Gran Turismo 4 follows the footsteps of its predecessors by providing a very wide car list; the Phase Alternating Line version, for instance, features 721 different cars from 80 distinct car manufacturers. There are lots of differentiations in the list of cars amongst the regional versions of Gran Turismo 4, and several cars have unique names.

rate 8.5/10


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