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With Jackass: The Game it’s safe to say you’re getting everything you could have hoped for from a Jackass minigame collection. And with that sure-to-be-taken-out-of-context quote out of the way, I’ll add that I’m not exactly setting my sights very high. Far be it from me to risk pissing off a guy who once wore a diaper made of living bees, but Steve-O? Your game kind of sucks.

What I have in front of me is a collection of variants on a half-dozen or so minigames, most of which aren’t any damn fun. Sending a flopping body down a hill into ledges and cacti is entertaining for a few minutes. Button sequence-tapping games, on the other hand, seem to better serve the purpose of screwing up otherwise good games, not representing the meat of bad ones. For every rooftop bumper-car battle there’s a weak dance rhythm game. For every suburban wakeboarding, there’s a cakewalk game of mumbletypeg. I had a better time listening to the soundtrack, which would almost be an endorsement if it were hard to find Circle Jerks CDs in the bargain bin.



Both the PS2 and PSP iterations of the game are graphically and functionally identical. This doesn’t so much speak well of the PSP iteration’s graphics as it does the half-assedness of its PS2 brother. If there’s any increase in detail there I just can’t see it. At the end of the system’s life we’ve come to take a lot more for granted, even from budget titles.

Supremely weird is the game’s inclusion of a director mode, wherein the player can splice together a show out of saved replay sessions. Also included is a mode where each member of the show’s cast can be placed in front of a selectable background and run through a sequence of four emotions and corresponding animations. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of point to it, other than affording the show’s cast an opportunity to pull silly faces in front of a mo-cap camera. Neither of these options are nearly as entertaining as the The Making of Jackass: The Game special MTV got out of it.

Like the show itself, Jackass: The Game is something best experienced when extremely drunk, extremely bored, or, ideally, both. But don’t go getting the idea that you’ll enjoy it with friends. There are a few games that are playable head-to-head (or ass-to-ass, in the game’s parlance), but not the ones you’d want to bother with. You won’t be racing your buddies across rooftops on pogo sticks.

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This may not be entirely fair, but I’ve already played better Jackass games. I’ve harpooned a buddy to my truck and dragged him around behind me in Crackdown. I’ve terrorized pedestrians in my underpants in San Andreas and heelflipped over your mother’s head in Tony Hawk. My ideal Jackass game would be a rebranded Dead Rising. There are plenty of shopping carts, bowling balls, and golf clubs to do stupid crap with, and the main character already looks exactly like Johnny Knoxville.

While I think an open-world toybox game would have served the spirit of the license better, that’s not the game I’m here to review. Here’s a stupid stunt: I’m going to try not to take that into account when I score the thing.


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