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While it may not contain any big-name boxers or real-world licensed advertising like EA Mobile’s Fight Night series, KO Legends’ has strength where it really counts — in its sharp visuals and focused gameplay. A lengthy and varied career mode perfectly suits the arcade-like fighting, and there’s a bit of Street Fighter II at the heart of KO Legends.

Like SF2, KO Legends uses large, detailed 2D sprites to represent its fighters, with high-quality animation that stylishly represents every punch. Other enticing visual touches, like a 3D ring that rotates for effect or the way that a particularly great hit appears to spatter blood on the inside of your cellphone screen, make me want to cheer.

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While the controls seem a bit complicated at first (having different buttons for left and right punches seems like an unnecessary addition), practicing in the gym training levels and early amateur bouts puts any doubts to rest. It doesn’t take long to mix up different combos and strategies, and when you’ve finally mastered them, your boxer will look like a real pro.

A few surprising bonuses, like the versatile character customization and a fantasy boxing competition with aliens and monsters in the unlockable Universal Championship, mean that there’s always something new to try. KO Legends is an excellent boxing game, and even if you don’t enjoy the sport of boxing, the arcade feel and amusing extras are brilliant.

Played on a Sony Ericsson K800i


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