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Kingdom Hearts II follows Sora Donald and Goofy on his or her continuing quest. It’s been one full year considering that the events of Kingdom Hearts. The story plot begins in Twilight Town a quite burg nestled between day and night. Sora and friends are accompanied by an exciting new cast of characters including King Mickey himself! Together they may encounter countless dangers in worlds both familiar and brand-new.Features: Explore both new and familiar worlds from Kingdom Hearts plus new Disney worlds on the Kingdom Hearts franchise like Pirates in the Caribbean Beauty and the Beast and Mulan. A far more advanced battle system that permits for any wider collection of commands powerful new combos and cooperative attacks with people your party introducing another layer of strategy. An all-new “Drive” command that lets Sora become many different new forms altering his skills and skills. A revamped camera system that keeps you in the heart of the experience. New transportation system that may Sora and friends from world to world within the model of amusement park rides. Cameo appearances by popular Final Fantasy characters. A huge ensemble cast of Disney characters and a new cast of original characters developed by renowned artist Tetsuya
Review Game: Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts 2 is another game that is successfully developed and specifically created for PS2. It is a fantasy adventure that enables you to experience the enchanting life in the magical world. The creatures those are included in this game gives total entertainment to the gamers. The original King Hearts 2 is more of a kid’s game which RPG fans might not find it challenging to play this game.

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But the Kingdom Hearts 2 which involves many interesting characters brought life to its 3D animation which will surely satisfy the players. The Square-Enix action RPG which has successful developed this game that provides heavy actions in every level of the game. You will surely not be bored with Kingdom Hearts 2 because you will experience more action and frenzied bigger battlefields.

Sora, the protagonist in the Kingdom Hearts 2 is the brave warrior that boldly conquers the enemy. The camera focuses the rotating automatic targets which makes him circle around and fight the enemy in different angles. This is a team game that needs you a teammate to win this adventure. Among of his allies that help him to surpass the obstacles are the endearing cartoon characters Donald duck and the smart Goofy. Battlefields in other levels are jam-packed with enemies that might exhaust you in the end. Sora can attack the swarming opponents by just hammering the weapon attack button. Hot keys for spells are provided in the game where you can freely choose which can effectively daunt your opponent. The game provides you an experience how life is in epic life and lets you allow you to feel a cinematic experience. It has also a menu on items which you can efficiently and manipulatively use in the chaotic combat. The Kingdom Hearts 2 will amaze you more with the rewards that are given to courageous warrior like how to effectively use the magical spells against the opponents. You also learn how to conquer the foes and be able to use the defense, offensive, and the counter attacks to your advantage. It provides challenges that make you want more to face and attack the antagonists in the game. The tools and opportunities that are provided in the game will surely help you win the game. The characters in this game are more enhanced by the Square-Enix action RPG. This has mini games which you have to play and conquer your enemies on these games. Kingdom Hearts 2 are fun to play and easy to play. For every level of the game the character is customized and acquiring more tools which he can use in defeating the enemy. It features different kinds of Disney world of the various legendary cartoons. From time to time Sora is accompanied by the popular cartoon characters in his quest. The voices of the characters are effectively mimicked by professional voice artists that made this game more remarkable.

The animations in the Kingdom Hearts 2 are impressively produced and provide special effects that add to the positive feature on this game. The expressive movements made by the protagonists can be seen clearly in the PS2 platform. You will enjoy the facial expressions that are made by the wonderful characters in the Kingdom Hearts 2 game. Enemies are in different forms and sizes and every antagonist has distinct combat movements which Sora should beat. The idle animated characters add amusement factor to the game.

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The design of Kingdom Hearts 2 is meticulously selected and created to give more quality visual effects. It also has satisfactory audio effects that made this game more interesting. The soundtrack are carefully chosen and made it sure that it will fit into the setting, plot as well as the adventures that Sora has to go through. It provides an exciting tempo that makes you more inspired to finish the game all the way.

For my own experience, I found Kingdom Heart 2 exciting to play. This is a cool game which I can easily play with my friends and close person. The presentation is quite interesting compared to the first version of Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts 2 is another amazing game that will surely love to play by the kids. The cartoon characters which quickly catch the attention of young people adds to the affirmative feature of the game. Everything is presented in colorful manner that makes the player hooked on the game. And most this is a reliable game that will teach you on how to fight level to the opponent. It does not teach you how to cheat nor hack your foes.

Kingdom Hearts 2 is a Japanese game that is invented by Square-Enix. The award that this game has received certifies the high quality features of this game.

Rate 8.5/10


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