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Platform: PS 3, Xbox 360, PC
Publisher : Rockstar Games
Genre: Adventure
Game Description
L.A Noire is surely an interactive detective story from the classic noir period inside late 1940’s blending action detection and sophisticated storytelling and draws into an open ended challenge in order to resolve a series of gruesome murders. Placed in a wonderfully recreated New york before freeways, that has a post war backdrop of corruption , drugs and jazz, L.A. Noire is bound to blend cinema and gaming
Review : LA Noire

After stories, pictures, movies, trailers, and no end of news release in industrial quantities, LA Noire finally landed in our hands in its final form by enabling us to present what truly lurks behind this investigative action developed by Team Bondi and produced by Rockstar Games. We played back the adventure of Cole Phelps and the result, although positive, does not allow us to speak of a masterpiece.Why? Find out in our review.

In LA Noire will wear the shoes of Cole Phelps, Los Angeles police officer that between flashbacks of the past and hopes for his career, finds himself in the hands of a few cases of the hottest Los Angeles in 1947. The narrative of the game follows a storyline through the various cases that we will resolve, but we will also live on Phelps’ recent past, one in which men of the army found itself fighting a war against people with that war had absolutely nothing to do. The main story is thus divided into two narrative strands, one of the present in which we will try to make the most of our work and that of the past in which we discover why the concerns of our alter egos.
The story told in the game, although initially appears to be just a series of disconnected events between them, is actually a well thought out plot that ultimately leads to one final logical that a little ‘all the characters will have their role.

History aside, let you enjoy, and without much anticipation, we pass to the gameplay. LA Noire uses the idea of ​​free roaming in a different way than normal productions Rockstar Games. The world will be totally open and available from the beginning of the game, but the freedom to move through the streets of Los Angeles is only related to the collection of collectibles, the missions do not require movement around the city. Each case is directly connected to three or more places that we visit as specific areas of crime, and local shops. To reach these places we will have two options: use the component free roam, get in car and drive to the destination, or get closer to the car and hold the button to get on board. So we will not be doing to lead us but our companion after a few meters made by car will blow us all the travel component “teleportation” to the destination.
The control scheme reflects the classic Rockstar Games with a third-person view, camera movement and managed by the two analog, a roofing system similar to Red Dead Redemption, and a phase action delegated to the use of unarmed combat as in GTA IV , and of course in firefights with pistols and rifles of various kinds. The action phase, however, is not the main aspect of the game. The moments of real action are present in most missions called “Crimes in the street” than in cases where a major lord it is the logic and intuition – real and virtual.

Main component of the game is therefore investigating the appearance of which the whole LA Noire. Each case requires several steps, from the collection of evidence and depositions to the study of the evidence necessary to frame the guilty. Making few errors and fitting the culprits soon, we will obtain a better classification of the case by our leader and as you make sure criminals to justice, our state going from Patrolman to Detective Departments Traffic, Drug, arson and finally Homicide.
Specifically, for each event that we will be a detective – things for the cops on patrol are a bit ‘different – you have to reach the crime scene and examine every object in the main and possibly the bodies on the scene. This phase of research evidence can be helped by the system in different ways, through intuition that we will move up in points, we should have a chance to show all points on the mini map where to look, we also menu options to enable or disable the sound support like music will stop playing when the scene is not all there is to do or we’ll hear the tinkling of bells approaching something to look at – in addition to audio, we can turn the vibration of the pad that will accompany the tinkling of bells. All evidence collected and examined all the items you will collect the depositions of witnesses and persons involved in the case. This investigation takes the part where intuition is king and where the Motion Scan system – which will be discussed further in the section devoted to technology – has its primary function. Questioning people get statements that we choose to interpret as truth, lies or whether to remain vague on keeping us doubt. Each statement has a single correct interpretation and error we fail in getting more information because the suspect will close itself or become aggressive and try to divert our investigation by providing false leads. Therefore examined the evidence and the truth obtained by the various witnesses will move to the final phase of the case generally have a short phase of action where we stalk the suspicion guns in hand or face on foot or in vehicles. Stopped and arrested the suspect will not be more than the latest phase of the case, that the interrogation in which we trap the culprit and bring him down to get a confession that we will close the case successfully.
For these actions will be twenty times that we do investigate, collect, examine, confront and engage. This thing sounds so repetitive and it is not just an impression. If it were not for the forty small secondary cases that we deal with driving in the city and the intermission cutscene will activate by reading the newspapers, LA Noire would be a couple of hours after a game with high promise, but the gameplay boring, a bit ‘ as happened with the first game in the Assassin’s Creed. Not always, therefore, the free roam is a sign of success if it is not seasoned event other than basic gameplay allowing the player to break the routine and have fun while not following the story. Similarly, the story does not return the right pathos, though masterfully narrated by all the protagonists of the story, the story does not stand out ever making that leap necessary to bring in the role of his alter ego. We will live the life of Cole Phelps, but the feeling is not to experience it in person, but rather that of being a spectator at a big Hollywood movie.

Lacks the multiplayer segment and rightly so given the nature of the game.Despite this longevity of LA Noire is to be commended. About twelve hours are required to complete the storyline of the game only through twenty-one cases of the main story. To these we must add another eight or ten hours to complete even the forty side missions and collecting various collectibles – cars, newspapers and places of interest. The completion of 100% of the title, therefore, without exploiting various shortcuts and jumps, takes the player from twenty to twenty-five hours of play.


The technical sector of LA Noire lives a double life. On the one hand there is the Motion Scan technology introduced by Team Bondi, replacing facial animations pre-packaged with a complete scanning of the face of the actor in order to provide the virtual character in exactly the same expressions, movements, looks and wrinkles has its real counterpart. This results in a realism as to instill fear, every hint of expression or feeling is captured by Motion Scan, which transfers it directly into the game giving us the feeling of watching a real murderess in the face. If this is the merit of the technical sector, the defect consists of an unstable frame rate, especially during the most frantic action and a city that, as reproduced with absolute fidelity in every aspect, leaving the player a general sense of emptiness , given perhaps by the lack of a vertical development as well as horizontal. Similarly, if the faces are the most care has ever seen, the bodies and physics in general does not provide the same feeling. With a trivial example, it seems as if their faces and bodies are of two different games, for the first and second generation consoles for the previous console generation. A different but for the interior and the innumerable objects which will interact. Every shop, office or home is paid to every detail and every parent object or in the event that we are treating, is reproduced in great detail.
Excellent with honors and the audio industry that offers a dubbing in English and a score by Oscar-style fully with the Los Angeles of 40 years. More than enough sound effects of gunfire, engines and sounds of the city in general. Like all major productions Rockstar Finally, only the title has English subtitles, but LA Noire what we can not consider it a defect.


In conclusion, LA Noire fulfills the promises made in all these months. We face a security investigation that takes advantage of the free roam without being dependent on a well-balanced gameplay, longevity of all respect, a fund by a staggering technical point of view and a bit ‘disappointing others and a plot that as well recited, however, leaves some touch of disappointment to a crescendo promised several times and never maintained.

LA Noire is not GTA and Red Dead Redemption. If we start with the head the idea of ​​finding an investigative action along the same lines we remain very disappointed by the work of Team Bondi and Rockstar Games. The game is undoubtedly one of the best productions of Rockstar Games and if you want to live the life of a policeman made of clues, insights and career, LA Noire is what you need.

Rate 8.5/10


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