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Contrary to what the name suggests, this isn’t a mobile version of Solid Snake’s first PlayStation mission. MGS Mobile tells a brand-new story, with all the plot twists fans have come to expect from the series. Many of the original’s creative weapons and stealthy moves have snuck in as well; if your phone can handle the 3D visuals, MGS Mobile contains a thoroughly entertaining, if slightly curtailed, adventure in the MGS universe.

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The versatile 3D game engine that powers MGS Mobile is a breakthrough technical achievement for mobile games. With a camera that shifts as Snake presses his back to walls and a first-person shooting mode required for many puzzles and combat situations, this is one of the best-looking mobile games to date in North America. You can even control the remote Nikita missiles from their perspective, twisting through narrow vents to knock out distant security systems.

Of course, this wouldn’t be Metal Gear Solid without a few clever tricks that break the fourth wall, so your radio contact, Otacon, will urge you to occasionally use the phone’s camera to photograph a particular color, which will alter Snake’s camouflage. The overall game does seem to end a bit too soon, though, even if a handful of VR missions and an online ranking system slightly extend the experience.

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Metal Gear Solid Mobile definitely takes risks on the mobile platform, but the gamble pays off. It runs smoothly, and despite the notable absence of much of the series’ music and all of the voice acting, MGS Mobile has nearly everything you’d want from an original MGS. It’s good to know that you don’t need top-secret military hardware to deliver a fully functional mini-Metal Gear.

Played on a LG VX 9400


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