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Cell phones are making a push to be considered musical devices. You see commercials featuring new ring tones or just the ability to listen to hot tracks. That’s all well and good, but we review games here, not songs. Name That Tune 2.0 has a lot of both, and it’s a pretty slick compromise.

We’ve all seen the old-school television show of the same name. Contestant bet on how many notes it will take to recognize a song. This is a little different than that, and a lot more fun. First, pick your musical style of choice from among a large list — movie/TV, 80s, hip hop/R&B, #1 radio hits, etc. The number of choices is impressive, and each one features a large catalog of MIDI-fied hits.

In single-player, you attempt to answer seven music-related questions. It’s more important to get them right than to answer fast. You hear the song, buzz in when the feeling moves you, and answer a question — either who performed it, what the title was, or even when it was released. There are four multiple-choice answers to choose from, which is a fair amount. I was able to wing a few, but you generally have to have a good idea to get it correct. If you can ace all seven, you win a free ringtone — a nice little bonus.

Name That Tune 2.0 also has a multiplayer component. It’s not Earth-shattering — you go one-on-one with a human opponent — but the competition does add something to the experience and speed is more important in the case of a tie. It does use up minutes, but it’s not like you have any friends to talk to, am I right?

Your friendly DJ drops the beats.

Graphically, this is a big boost over the original Name That Tune that came out last year. Your avatar varies, often depending on what musical genre you pick, and an animated DJ “spins” the tracks in the background. I like how the game sometimes pops out random bits of musical trivia while it downloads the selected theme. Did you know Stevie Wonder wasn’t blind at birth? They say you learn something new every day; consider that a freebie.

Name That Tune 2.0 lives and dies by its music quality, and fortunately it’s pretty darn good. You will find times when you fail to recognize MIDI versions of songs you love, but it’s the exception rather than the rule. As stated before, the song list is extensive. I do wish hip hop and R&B would’ve been separated, however; Ice-T and Mariah Carey are worlds apart, as far as I’m concerned.

I have to dock a half-point or so for how bloody loud this game is. There’s no way to play it discreetly. I understand that you have to hear the songs in order to play, but not having a volume control option is a downright sin. I often had to hold the phone as far away from me as possible as not to dull my hearing more than GWAR and Beastie Boys concerts already have. You pick your battles.

Name That Tune 2.0 is an extremely clever, user-friendly game. As long as you have a music genre of choice, you’ll enjoy the heck out of it. The presentation is nice, the music tracks are extensive, and multiplayer is a cool addition.


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