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Dragon Ball Z for Kinect features plenty of super-powered fights — enough for an overload of Internet jokes involving power levels over 9,000, at least — but what else can you do in game with your Kinect besides punches, kicks, and Kamehamehas? What about competitive multiplayer or additional co-op modes?

Presently, Namco is reluctant to give specifics about the game regarding anything outside of its predictable campaign and score attack modes. So, we at 1UP went ahead and brainstormed some ideas for them. Why? Because deep down inside some of us still care about DBZ. And if you have your own brilliant idea you’d like to see in DBZ Kinect, tell us about it in the comments below.

Fusion Dance

In DBZ, Fusion is the process of incorporating two characters into one super-powered being. Since many Kinect experiences work around the idea of drop in/drop out co-op, the opportunity to have a second player come in to help raise your power level presents an excellent opportunity to experiment with this mechanic. Incorporating two players to quickly perform the fusion dance also offers hilarious possibilities if the pair mistime the steps — if you can remember the overweight and underpowered version of Gotenks, you get the idea.

Eating Competition

If you’ve ever seen an episode of DBZ, you must have seen Goku eat. In fact, devouring enormous plates of food is a regular joke on the show. So why not toss this idea into a Kinect-based mini game where the fastest eater in the room can show off their munching prowess? Granted, it’s all imaginary food, but this is a game about imaginary power blasts and apocalyptic power battles, so a little comfort food between rounds could provide some levity.

Father and Son Kamehameha

In one of the more touching episodes of the Cell Saga, Goku’s son Gohan sums up the power to destroy a menacing threat with the help of his departed father. Ideally, something like this would only work with a second player, but it still gives another DBZ fan an opportunity to jump in and help win the epic battle — even moreso if the person helping you win is someone you care about.

Driving School

In one of DragonBall’s funniest episodes, Goku and Piccolo are forced to get their a driver’s licenses or face preparing their own meals. While this filler episode told a hilarious story about the lengths to which two super-powered beings will go for food, the idea of a whimsical DBZ driving mini-game in this style could provide fan service and be a fun distraction from all the chaotic battling.

Camera Tricks

If Double Fine’s Happy Action Theatre taught us just one thing, it’s that camera tricks can be fun in the right context. Hopefully, the developers at Namco see potential in making a DBZ game for Kinect besides all the punching and kicking. Imagine being super imposed next to your favorite DBZ characters or powering up and watching the items of your room float around due to a weird zero-gravity effect. Potentially DBZ Kinect can take you from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to dozens of important locales in the series and add a touch of something extra for DBZ super fans.


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