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Platform: Playstation 2

Review Game: Persona 3 FES

Developers have been continuously inventing and creating amazing versions of games for PS2. The latest version that was released is the Persona 3 FES which will provide exciting and courageous games which you can conveniently and comfortably play in your PS2.

Persona 3 FES is divided in two sections which are The Journey and The Answer. The Journey version goes over to the Persona 3’s basic events involving intriguing, horrible creatures and horrifying coffins. The exciting plot of this game definitely hooks the attention of the gamers. Every supernatural episode provides exhilarating excitement that you would not like to stop until you conquered the opponent. Persona 3 plot’s is in the secondary school of Gekkoukan. The newly transferred junior student in this school has sensed and found out that there is terrible happening in the school. He discovered that every time the dark sets in the school is transforming into a horrible dimension which is called as ‘The Dark Hour’. The people in the school are grotesquely transforming into a frightening coffins and scary beasts which they call it as Shadows and they hungrily feed themselves with people. The group which is led by the new junior student has been courageously conquering the bizarre creatures, and the group that has been performing bravery is called “The Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad” or the S.E.S.S.. Persona 3 FES’s events differently happens during daytime when everyone acts as normal students and doing the usual routine that students do in school. During nighttime, this is the time that the young heroes are starting to beat the transformed creatures.

Persona FES 3 is a kind of game that will involve you, like you are the one that is performing the role. It gives you that reality experience in the game in putting yourself into the heroic character and allows yourself a firsthand experience of what the heroes are doing. There are situations in the game that you will be more challenged and thinking about what is the best step that you must take to conquer your enemies.

There are different Personas that are involved in the Persona FES 3 which enables you to choose which persona you would like to play. Each persona is associated with the natural elements like electricity which is represented by Omoikane and the wind which is also represented by Angel Persona. These different personas have different special skills and traits to fight the antagonists in the game. You can even make this Persona 3 more powerful by mixing the characters together, and pave the way to unlocking new powerful traits by using the Velvet Room. The trickier about this Persona # FES is that the description of the special and powerful skills of the protagonists in this game is not provided. So you have to discover it by yourself the great traits of the Persona 3 and figure out what other powers that it can have while are advancing to the next and higher level. The skill names are the only one that is revealed in this game. It requires you to have a good memory to memorize the names of the powers of the Persona 3. In doing these, you will be able to win the game successfully.

The night time version is the toughest part of the game that you might get tired in fighting the strange creatures. You will infiltrate the Tartarus, a dungeon that only appears during ‘The Dark Hours’. But entering this place will not be easy for you because there are already evil monsters in its wall that awaits you. Every floor that you reached awaits these horrible creatures which you can sneak and beat it because you can see them. You can scan the Shadows to know their weaknesses that give you the advantage to strike your opponent.

Persona 3 FES provides you a thrilling experience in defeating the monsters. AS you defeat your enemies there are bonuses which you can acquire like gaining new persona, healing the party, experience points, or money. If you are a born gambler, you can bet for a higher stake with a consequence of losing all your acquired points once you are defeated or you will be given a cursed card.

Persona 3 which can be easily downloaded in your PS2 provides an impressive game experience. Other features that are included in this game is the voice acting, dialogues, lyrics, rap and many more which makes the game more amusing. The character that you have chosen is the only one who is going to play the game. It has no control over the entire S.E.E.S. party. The only way that your allies can help you is through the ‘Act Freely’ strategy which you cannot rely for some support. Tbecause they will just stop using their remarkable powers and will not help you further. Persona FES 3 will train you on how you can smartly and intelligently trounce your enemy.

You will definitely have great fun playing Persona 3 FES on your PS2!

Rate 8/10


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