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If you’re old enough to consider yourself a “longtime fan” of the Twisted Metal series, it’s highly likely you developed such appreciation during your college days. If that’s the case, think of Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition for the PS2 like going back to campus for Homecoming: You and most of your classmates have graduated and moved on (i.e., the PS3), but it’s still fun to go back and see old friends.

Head-On originally appeared for the PSP back in 2005, and the bulk of what we said in our original review, as it pertains to level design, weapons, and overall game structure, still holds up — when it’s done well, vehicular combat is one of those genres that age gracefully. If you’ve made this generation’s high-def plunge, it takes a while for your eyes to revert back to their old PS2 filters (like looking at an old college photo and saying “I dressed like that?”). But for the millions upon millions of souls who are still primarily served by the PS2, they should find the visual dressings most satisfactory. In a perfect world of unlimited time and sufficient funding, it would be great to see more effort put into graphical upgrades for these PSP-to-PS2 ports, especially considering that the development community knows pretty much all there is to know about the hardware. But that’s not necessary in this instance.


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